Credit Card Categories

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Feel free to browse our credit card reviews by the features and categories that matter most to you: cards for business, low interest cards, travel rewards cards, and much, much more. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at your long-term plans for your credit card: what features are most important to you and your budget? Consider your spending style and your financial restrictions. Will you use your new card to build credit, for rewards, or both? Do you have the budget for a top-tier rewards card with a hefty annual fee? Or do you want to add to your savings with a card that doesn't charge a yearly subscription? Browse and discover which credit card category suits your needs. Your search will be made simple, too – we’ve done the legwork and broken down every card offer into the card categories that mean most to you.

Finding The Best Credit Card by Category’s team has curated impartial and informative reviews of every credit card on the market. We’ll spell out everything you need to know, based on the credit card categories you’re most interested in. Once you’ve found your favorite cards, you can compare how your top contenders stack up against one another with our handy comparison tool – view up to six credit cards at a time side-by-side, and compare and contrast their fees, rewards (or lack thereof), and more. You can even leave a review of the cards you already use! Which credit card category appeals to you most? Explore our breakdown of credit card categories below:

Having a credit card with a generous introductory APR of 0% is nothing to sneeze at; paying for purchases both large and small is simple and easy when you save on interest rates. A credit card that offers an introductory APR is a great option for anyone who plans to make a major purchase immediately after opening their account. With proper planning, a card that falls into this credit card category can be a powerful financial tool. Find a 0% Intro APR card to suit your needs from among our comprehensive reviews.

Transferring an existing balance to a new credit card is a great way to save money over time. You’ll enjoy access to lower interest rates with come new card offers, as well as special introductory balance transfer rates. If you plan well, you can move your debt to a card that has a lower standard APR than the one you currently hold debt on. A lower interest rate means you'll save more money by paying less interest while you pay down your debt. Choose from among our many balance transfer card offers from our partners.

Small business owners will discover a whole new world of credit cards – and card rewards – when they browse our selection of credit cards that are designed specifically for businesses. Put your everyday business expenses to work, and earn cash-back rewards, travel rewards, and more for your business.

Life happens, and sometimes our debt gets the better of us. If your credit history is poor, don’t fret – there are still card options available to you that will not only let you earn rewards, but help you improve your credit score too. Browse our selection of credit cards for poor credit.

A charge card differs from other credit card categories in that it doesn’t allow you to carry a balance; traditional charge cards will not extend credit. That said, many charge cards do come with built-in rewards features, and our in-depth reviews explore what charge cards have to offer. Check out the options available to you!

Credit cards from credit unions tend to have low interest rates compared to mainstream issuers, and they often benefit customers such as union employees or military veterans. Like traditional banks, credit unions offer financial services such as personal checking or savings accounts, as well as loans. Unlike banks, however, credit unions are member-owned.

Fintech credit cards are issued primarily by non-traditional banks and digital financial institutions. As the name implies, these cards combine elements from brick-and-mortar banks with innovative technology and features designed to improve customers' financial wellbeing. With these cards you'll find intuitive apps, advanced digital banking services, and more accessibility when it comes to applying and getting approved for a new card.

Many credit cards offer a competitive, low APR as a way to draw in customers – and it works! A forgiving interest rate can be extremely useful for anyone who is looking to reduce their credit card debt, or who may need extra time to pay down a large purchase or outstanding balance. Check out our expert reviews of low APR credit cards.

Best for cardholders who like to swipe overseas, a credit card with no foreign transaction fees will be of interest to anyone who travels abroad frequently. Each purchase with this sort of credit card will allow you to keep more of your money, even as you spend at home or overseas.

A prepaid card is a good option when you’d like to load a pre-set credit or spending limit; unlike a debit card, a prepaid card is not linked to a bank account, and while it functions like a traditional credit card, the credit limit for a prepaid card is limited to the amount that is loaded onto it. We’ve reviewed the best prepaid cards on the market for you.

For those who have not yet established credit history, or need to repair their credit, many card issuers offer secured credit cards. This type of card utilizes a security deposit to establish a line of credit, and when the cardholder demonstrates financial responsibility by paying their balance in full each month, the bank may upgrade them to a traditional credit card with rewards!

The best credit cards for students prevent young cardholders from getting into debt while they build up their credit. Explore options for student credit cards by reading’s detailed reviews below. You can find the best credit cards for college students from our partners today.