Fold Visa® Prepaid Card

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Last updated on June 11th, 2021

Fold Visa® Prepaid Card

Up to 100% Back in Rewards

Fold Visa® Prepaid Card
  • Annual Fee Up to $150
  • Credit Needed No Credit Required
  • Processing Network Visa
Best Benefits
  • Get access to Fold+ member pricing on Amazon gift cards
  • Each purchase activates a spin on the Spin Wheel Sweepstakes
  • Enjoy boosted merchant offers
  • Get up to 100% back in rewards after your purchases
Rates & Fees
  • Annual Fee: Up to $150
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: See Terms
  • Over Limit Penalty Fee: See Terms
  • Minimum Deposit Required: See Terms
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At a Glance

Cryptocurrencies offer significant growth for investors, and the Fold Visa Prepaid Debit Card is an intriguing way to earn rewards in BTC for your everyday purchases. The card offers all the benefits of the Fold mobile app with the payment network of Visa, making it easy to earn Bitcoin online or in-store.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Don’t want an inquiry on their credit score or distrust credit cards
  • Prefer to earn rewards in Bitcoin versus Ethereum, Litecoin, or other cryptocurrencies
  • Are vigilant to ensure they use their wheel spins and don’t let them expire

Fold Visa Prepaid Debit Card Review

The Fold Visa Prepaid Debit Card is a crypto rewards card that allows users to earn Bitcoin with every purchase.

How to Earn Bitcoin

Fold is one of the most popular options for earning Bitcoin rewards, and it is easy to see why. The Fold platform is an online shopping app that lets users earn cash back rewards for their online spending. However, those cash back rewards take the form of Bitcoin rather than “fiat money,” or government-backed currencies like the U.S. dollar.

The Fold Card is a crypto debit card that works like the Fold app (available in both iOS and Android formats) but with the purchasing power of the Visa payment network – the world’s largest network by the number of merchants. Because Fold is a Visa debit card, the Fold Card enjoys the benefit of being used online, in-store, or through mobile wallets.

Spin the Wheel

Fold cardholders earn a spin every time they make an eligible purchase of $3 or more. Make a purchase, get a spin. It’s that simple. Some of the rewards on offer include 25% back in Bitcoin rewards, fixed amounts (around $2.50 worth of Bitcoin crypto), or even a single Bitcoin – currently trading at over $30,000 per coin!

fold reward wheel
The Fold prize wheel

Users also have the chance at extra spins if they don’t enjoy the rewards they get on their first spin. There are numerous ways to get free extra spins, including one free extra spins every Friday starting at 12 pm ET just for having added funds to your Fold Card at least once. Other ways to get spins:

  • Winning them on the prize wheel
  • One free spin every day your balance is over $1,000
  • Two free spins every day your balance is over $10,000
  • One free spin every time you make a qualifying purchase over $250

Keep in mind that spins are time-sensitive. After making a purchase, intro tier members have one hour to use their spin before losing it; premium members have 24 hours to make their bonus spin.

Refer Friends and Help Them Grow

Fold app or card users can earn extra rewards for referring friends. The rewards take the form of sats (or satoshis), which are a part of a Bitcoin. For new referrals, the new users get 5,000 satoshis (0.00005 BTC) in their rewards balance to get them started. The user gets priority on the Fold Card waitlist – which is less exciting than BTC.

How to Redeem Rewards

Redeeming rewards with the Fold Visa Prepaid Card is straightforward. Once that accountholder’s sats have reached 50,000, they can withdraw their rewards to their Bitcoin wallet. Fold currently accepts on-chain wallets only, including those from competitors like Coinbase or native Segwit addresses.

Fold Tiers

As previously mentioned, Fold breaks down into two membership tiers: Intro and Premium. The intro tier requires no annual fee and offers bonuses of up to 25% back on purchases through the wheel.

On the other hand, the Premium tier features up to 100% back, extra spins per week, and a $150 annual fee. The premium tier also offers access to the much more lucrative premium wheel, with better odds at Bitcoin, and the chance to get the Fold Card once live at no additional cost.

Fold Card Fees

Crypto debit cards come with fees that you won’t find when making purchases through mobile apps – the Fold Card is no different in this regard. The card features fees for a variety of potential charges, including OTC (over the counter) cash withdrawals ($2 per transaction), cash back fees at the point of sale (1% of the cash back), and replacement card fees.

Unlike mobile apps, the Fold Visa charges several international fees, including a foreign transaction fee of 3% of the transaction in U.S. dollars, foreign ATM use fees ($2.50 per use), and international ATM balance inquiry fees of $1, regardless of your tier.

Should You Consider Getting the Fold Visa Prepaid Debit Card?

Bitcoin rewards are a trend that looks likely to grow – both in debit and credit card rewards programs. The Fold app is a great foot in the door into these rewards and offers the chance to earn up to a full Bitcoin in rewards for every purchase.

Now, don’t go into the Fold Visa thinking you’ll earn tens of thousands of dollars regularly. In fact, that is an exceedingly rare reward (though not unheard of). Still, the Fold app and the Fold Visa Prepaid Debit offer plenty of excellent rewards that exceed what you’d typically expect from a cash back card.

The Fold crypto debit card is an exciting option to consider for those that don’t want the hard inquiry on their credit report but want to earn rewards with every purchase. And, since the market for Bitcoin has generally been hot over the past few years, the chance is there to make significantly more money in BTC than you’d typically get with a credit card.

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