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| Last updated on January 8th, 2024 Visa Card Visa Card
No Credit Required
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At a Glance

The Visa Card is a prepaid crypto card that offers cash back crypto rewards with every purchase and rebates on subscriptions for lower tiers – and impressive travel perks for ultra-premium tiers. The card, from, requires varying CRO stakes to open but offers up to 8% back with every purchase.

  • Best Benefits
  • Rates & Fees
  • Why Should You Apply?
  • Earn rewards paid in CRO token
  • Earn rewards towards rebates with selected merchants
  • Industry events access
  • Five card tiers with increasing rewards per tier
  • Priority customer service
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: See Terms
  • Over Limit Penalty Fee: See Terms
  • Minimum Deposit Required: See Terms
  • You prefer your rewards as cryptocurrency but don’t want to be tied to Bitcoin
  • You want to earn rebates on your monthly subscription services
  • You enjoy the ecosphere
  • You don’t want to be tied to a credit card or have an inquiry on your credit report Visa Card Review

The Visa Card is a prepaid debit card that earns crypto rewards on all eligible purchases. The card works like a debit card. Users can make purchases wherever the Visa payment network is accepted but is more akin to a prepaid card in that it requires adding funds via bank transfers, direct deposits, or adding money from other cryptocurrencies wallets, or credit or debit cards.

How to Get the Visa Card

Since the Visa Card isn’t a credit card but rather a prepaid card, you don’t apply in the same sense as a credit card. Instead you open a card account once meeting the site’s minimum requirements.

To get a Visa Card, mobile app users need to stake CRO tokens for a period of 180 days to apply. Once they meet the 180-day minimum, they can select their card tier and place the needed CRO stake, as outlined below. Reward Tiers

Like other prepaid and debit crypto cards, the Visa earns rewards based on the tier of your account. currently has five levels, which offer different rewards and feature a unique color (or colors) metallic debit card:

Blue Ruby Indigo/Jade White/Gold Obsidian
$0 CRO $400 CRO $4K CRO $40K CRO $400K CRO
N/A 1% rewards 2% rewards 3% rewards 5% rewards
N/A 6 months free Spotify 6 months free Spotify, Netflix Spotify, Netflix, Prime rebate Spotify, Netflix, Prime rebate

Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue is the base tier of the Rewards program and requires the smallest CRO (crypto assets) stake. The base tier requires a minimum of $0 in CRO and earns 1% cash back on eligible purchases in CRO rewards.

Ruby Steel

The Ruby Steel tier is the second level in the program and requires a higher CRO stake. This tier requires $400 in CRO stake to reach and offers double the rewards of Midnight Blue – 2% back in crypto rewards on all purchases. Ruby members also receive a 100% staking benefit for Spotify Premium subscriptions.

Royal Indigo & Jade Green

The Royal Indigo or Jade Green card tier is the mid-tier of the Visa rewards system and requires a $1,000 in CRO stake to achieve. This medium-tier offers 3% back in crypto with all eligible purchases.

The Royal Indigo and Jade Green tier features include a 100% staking benefit for Spotify Premium subscription and a 100% staking benefit for Netflix subscriptions.

Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White

The first of the premium tiers of the Visa Card, Frosted Rose Gold requires a significantly larger CRO stake than all the previous tiers combined. To reach Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White tier, members must have a minimum of $40,000 in CRO stake. For this stake, however, they earn an impressive 5% cash back in crypto rewards.

Not only do Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White tier members enjoy 100% staking benefits for Netflix and Spotify Premium, they also enjoy a 100% staking benefit for Amazon prime, plus 10% staking with purchases and more:

  • LoungeKey airport lounge access for them and one guest
  • Access to Private) offering OTC block trades, research reports, inheritance assistance, and more)
  • Bonus interest
  • An exclusive merchandise welcome pack


Obsidian is the ultimate tier in the rewards program and features the most significant perks – for the largest CRO stakes. The level requires $400,000 in CRO stakes but offers 8% back in crypto rewards with all eligible purchases.

The Obsidian tier also provides all the perks of the previous tiers plus a 10% benefit with Airbnb. Obsidian members also enjoy an exclusive private jet partnership, meaning they can enjoy the ultra-premium perks of cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Platinum Card from American Express, without the credit check – and with the benefit of up to 85 back in crypto.

Redeeming Crypto Rewards

Like other crypto debit and prepaid cards, rewards with the Visa Card are instant and use real-time exchange rates. All card rewards are paid in CRO and deposited into the accountholder’s Crypto Wallet in the mobile app. From there, users can cash out their crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, or others, hold on to their rewards or use them to purchase exclusive NFTs or other things.

Crypto Debit Card Comparison Visa Fold Visa® Prepaid Card Coinbase Card
Annual fee $0 Up to $150 $0
Rewards Up to 5% back based on CRO stake Each purchase activates a spin on the Spin Wheel Sweepstakes Up to 4% back in XLM or 1% back in BTC
Tiers 5 N/A 4

Rates and Fees

Rates and fees with the card vary depending on the membership tier but include the usual costs associated with prepaid debit cards, such as foreign transaction fees, interbank exchange fees, top-up fees, and more.

Here are some of the fees you’ll need to consider with the Visa:

  • Max balance (all Cards): $25,000
  • ATM Withdrawal: 2% on amounts above the monthly free ATM limit [ATM surcharge fees charged by ATM provider (if any) will be counted towards the ATM withdrawal limit]
  • Debit/Credit Card Top-Up:
    • Debit – 1%
    • Credit – 2.99%
  • PayPal Top-Up: 2.1%
  • Reissue Card:
    • Midnight Blue – $7
    • Other VISA Cards – $50
  • Card Upgrade: $0
  • One-time physical Card Issuance Fee: $4.99 for the order of the first physical Midnight Blue card
  • Inactivity: $4.95 monthly will be charged after 12 months of no cardholder-initiated financial activity on the card unless activity resumes. The fee will stop being charged, and the 12 months will be reset once activity resumes.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3% on all non-USD purchases and ATM withdrawals for Midnight Blue, Ruby Steel, Royal Indigo, and Jade Green Cards.
  • CRO limit: $25 per month for Ruby Steel and $50 per month for Royal Indigo and Jade Green Cards.

Things to Consider

Perhaps the customer service aspect of the card is the biggest thing to consider with the Visa. The crypto exchange platform has a low rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with most customers complaining about poor customer service and a lack of responses from the company. Specifically, consumer reports to the BBB allege will not allow them to withdraw funds from their accounts.

Other customer complaints concern access to funds and the inability to remove funds from the platform. Complaints in this area focus on the company “running people around in circles.” when attempting to get money out of the account. Some customers have compared the challenging aspects of to Coinbase, which had similar issues with that service.

Before funding a crypto wallet through, ensure you have enough financial “wiggle room” and breathing space in case you encounter issues with customer service or need to remove funds from the account. Ratings

Here is how stacks up as a financial services and cryptocurrency platform:

Should You Consider Getting a Visa Card?

Overall, the Visa Card is an interesting prepaid and debit crypto card that earns huge rewards – if you meet the steep requirements. The Obsidian tier with the card is among the most impressive earning rates and luxurious benefit profiles of premium credit cards with annual fees in the hundreds of dollars. That tier, however, requires an enormous CRO stake of $400,000 – well outside the means of most crypto investors.

The three basic tiers, however, offer exceptional value for much more modest stakes. For instance, Royal Indigo or Jade Green offers 3% back in crypto for only $1,000 in CRO stake – plus 100% in credits for Netflix and Spotify Premium subscription costs. These perks are excellent for the price point and offer savings tough to beat with many cash back credit cards.

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