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Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card: Enhanced Credit Access with 0 Guarantee Needed

Cory Santos

| Last updated on January 10th, 2024

Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card

Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card
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Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card

At a Glance

Brex is a fintech credit card and charge card with startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in mind. The Brex Mastercard offers no annual fee, no hidden fees, and credit limits “10 – 20X higher” than other corporate credit cards.

  • Best Benefits
  • Rates & Fees
  • Why Should You Apply?
  • 10-20X higher limits than traditional business credit cards
  • No personal guarantee required
  • No fees and no interest charges
  • Create virtual credit cards for your team as soon as you're approved
  • Built-in QuickBooks, NetSuite, and Xero integrations
  • You're willing to repay your balance in full within 30 days
  • You need access to a high credit limit
  • You travel for business frequently
  • You plan to make use of Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google Ad so you can earn credits provided by Brex
Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card

Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card

Terms & Conditions

Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card Review

The Brex Mastercard is an attractive corporate card for those looking to grow – and want one that grows with their business.

What Is Brex?

Brex likely isn’t a name many outside of the business world have heard of, but for those in the know, Brex is a go-to solution for cash management and software integrations. Brex is an American fintech offering technology companies business credit cards and cash management accounts, including the Brex Mastercard®.

How Much Does Brex Cost?

Like other fintech corporate cards (BILL Divvy, Ramp, and Revenued), the Brex Mastercard features no hidden fees. The Brex Card features no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and no interest rates. Even better, there is no personal guarantee required to apply!

No Personal Guarantee Required

The Brex Business Card’s most significant highlight for Startups is that it requires no personal guarantee to apply. A personal guarantee is a standard feature for business credit cards. This security makes an applicant accept personal liability for the business’s debts – including credit card debt.

Because Brex does not require a personal guarantee, startup founders have no personal liability for their credit line. This process makes the Brex Card an excellent option for businesses as it removes some fears of business failure.

Easy Application Process

The Brex Card for Startups makes signing up for the card a breeze. Startups don’t need to provide a Social Security Number (SSN) when applying.

You will still need to provide some essential information, such as banking and financial information, plus the company’s employee identification number for tax purposes. Still, the process is very quick – startups get a credit decision in just minutes.

How Brex Works

The Brex Mastercard offers many benefits, making it an attractive business choice. Firstly, it provides a high credit limit of up to 75% of your business’s cash balance, giving you more purchasing power and flexibility.

Streamlined Account Management Via Brex Cash

Since Brex is a fintech startup, their fintech credit card enjoys excellent integration into the Brex ecosystem. Brex Cash is that ecosystem. Brex Cash is an FDIC-insured business banking account with unlimited free wire transfers.

The Brex Card enjoys seamless integration into this platform, which provides quick integration with QuickBooks or Xero, instant e-commerce sales payouts, business management tools, and additional reward multipliers on purchases.

Valuable Offers

Brex also offers startups a huge array of offers worth up to $25,000. This includes an impressive $5,000 Amazon Web Services (AWS) credit for all Brex customers. Other offers include Google Ads, AWS Activate credits, and more.

Does Brex Build Business Credit?

While Brex does not require a personal guarantee to open, that doesn’t mean you can’t establish a strong credit profile for your company. Brex reports to the major business credit reporting agencies, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Equifax. Make your payments on time, and you can see your business credit score climb, potentially leading to significantly higher credit lines.

Corporate Charge Card Comparison

Ramp Card Brex Mastercard® BILL Divvy Corporate Card
Annual Fee $0 $0 $0
Payment Network Visa Mastercard Visa
Rewards Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase Earn 7X points on rideshares, 4X through Brex Travel, 3X on dining, 2X on recurring software, and 1X on all other purchases Earn up to 7X points on dining, 6X on hotels, 2X on recurring software, and 1.5X on all other purchases with weekly payments (see review for full details)
Designed for SMBs? Yes No Yes
Personal guarantee? No No No
Employee cards Free Free Yes
ACH payments $0 $0 $0
Easy bookkeeping? Yes Yes Yes

Brex Rewards Guide

Welcome Bonus

Unlike many corporate cards with no guarantee required, Brex provides a welcome offer for new accounts. New accounts can earn 10,000 points after spending $3,000 on a Brex Card within the first three months of account ownership.

How to Earn Brex Points

The Brex Mastercard offers huge rewards on the types of purchases startups thrive on. Cardholders earn:

  • 7X points on rideshares, including Uber and Lyft
  • 4X points on purchases made through Brex Travel
  • 3X points on restaurant purchases
  • 2X on recurring software purchases
  • 1X on all other purchases

The 7X points on rideshares and 4X on travel make the Brex Card the perfect companion for startups that plan to issue multiple cards – and plan to use them to spend heavily on growing their business. Equally impressive is the 2X on software purchases, meaning companies can reward themselves for purchasing the software they need – instead of avoiding the costs.

How to Redeem Brex Points

Brex Mastercard cardholders can spend their Brex points through the exclusive Brex Rewards portal for flights, hotels, gift cards, or deposits into an associated business banking account.

One unique feature of the Brex rewards program is the ability to transfer points to other leading loyalty programs, such as airline frequent flyer programs, allowing you to maximize the value of your points and take advantage of partner programs.

Here are Brex’s current points transfer partners:

  • Aeromexico
  • Air France / Flying Blue
  • Asia Miles
  • Avianca
  • Emirates
  • Qantas
  • Singapore Airlines

Other Card Features

Other noteworthy features of the Brex Mastercard Corporate Card include unlimited, complimentary virtual cards upon approval, exclusive discounts and benefits from partner companies, additional value to cardholders, and seamless mobile wallet compatibility with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay.

Mastercard World Elite Benefits

The Brex Mastercard for Startups is a World Elite Mastercard for Business card products. World Elite is the pinnacle of Mastercard perks, with benefits including:

Zero Liability Protection Airport Concierge Cell Phone Protection
Mastercard Global Services Priceless Experiences Lyft Credits
ID Theft Protection Priceless Golf Mastercard Travel Services
Mastercard Hotel Stay Guarantee ShopRunner Membership Hello Fresh Savings

Startups can also use Mastercard Easy Savings® to receive additional discounts at participating merchants worldwide. Deals are automatically added to purchases made with Brex Card – so there is no need to worry about activating bonus categories.

What We Like About Brex

Brex is a dynamic platform that provides multiple benefits to companies of all sizes. The card doesn’t require a personal guarantee to apply and provides scalable credit for companies and corporations on the rise.

Additionally, the Brex Card provides a welcome offer – something not seen from cards like Divvy, Revenued, or Ramp Card. That offer might not be as big as something you’d see with the Business Platinum Card from American Express. Still, it is an easy-to-reach goal that adds extra spending power for your next company trip (or personal getaway –for the account managers to decide).

Finally, the impressive slate of software integrations is an excellent feature that will benefit all cardholders. The various software integrations (such as Xero or QuickBooks) are seamless and help you track employee spending across various metrics – including identifying areas for additional savings.

Things to Consider

But the perks with Brex, while great for integrations, aren’t great for cardholders looking for something special. There is no lounge access, for example, nor are there any elite tiers in hotels or frequent flyer loyalty programs.

There’s also the issue of transfer partners. Most Fintech credit card issues avoid complicated reward structures that include point transfer opportunities. And, while Brex does provide transfers, the range of partners is wanting.

Brex Ratings

How does Brex stack up as a fintech and credit card issuer? Here is a selection of ratings for Brex from experts and consumers:

Should You Apply for the Brex Mastercard® Corporate Credit Card?

The Brex Mastercard is a unique corporate card option that offers more than almost any other card on the market. Despite this, however, the card’s appeal is relatively narrow.

The Brex Card is perfect for startups and corporations with substantial cash reserves in the bank, who want access to higher credit limits than business credit cards and are willing to reveal their banking details to Brex.

However, for those who fit the bill, the Brex Mastercard for Startups is impressive – to say the least. The ability to earn massive points is easy for the startup that prioritizes travel spending and wants to earn rewards on their software purchases. Adding credits for AWS, Google Ads, and more is just the icing for this exceptional corporate charge card.

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