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BILL Divvy Corporate Card: Up to 7X Points with No Personal Guarantee

Cory Santos

| Last updated on January 10th, 2024

BILL Divvy Corporate Card

BILL Divvy Corporate Card
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None Annual Fee

BILL Divvy Corporate Card

At a Glance

The BILL Divvy Corporate Card is a business card for companies and business owners who want a corporate card’s flexibility along with the rewards of a traditional business rewards card. The card prioritizes good financial habits by maximizing rewards for companies that pay balances back early and often.

  • Best Benefits
  • Rates & Fees
  • Why Should You Apply?
  • Ideal for companies that struggle with expense reports, reimbursements, receipts, and expensive annual service contracts
  • Combines seamless expense management software with business cards so you never have to process another expense report
  • No interest rates
  • No annual fee
  • No contract, no obligations
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: See Terms
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee: See Terms
  • Return Payment Penalty Fee: See Terms
  • You struggle with expense reports, reimbursements, and receipts
  • You're looking for a card without interest rates or fees
  • You want a corporate card that offers enforceable employee spending limits
  • You want unlimited virtual cards
  • You spend heavily on travel, dining, and software

In-Depth Review: BILL Divvy Corporate Card

The BILL Divvy Corporate Card is a program designed to provide businesses with easy-to-use expense management software, business rewards, and the opportunity to work towards a business line of credit. The program offers a card that helps in this process through regular reporting to the major business credit bureaus.

What is Divvy?

The BILL Divvy Corporate Card operates using the Divvy platform – but what does that mean?

The Divvy Card program is an intelligent corporate charge card that automates the expense-management process for small and medium-sized companies using proprietary software integrations. Using the cloud-based Divvy platform, business owners and managers can effortlessly track company spending in real-time through instant notifications for each card swipe. This eliminates the need for employees to file expense reports manually and for finance and HR teams to process them manually.

No Personal Guarantee Required

Most business credit cards require either a business credit score or a personal guarantee to apply. Business credit is logical – but what happens if your company is new to credit? In most cases, it would require a personal guarantor, with the account manager or business owner needing to use their personal credit score to help mitigate risks to the lender.

BILL Divvy looks at business credit differently. The BILL Divvy Corporate Card requires no personal guarantee when applying. Additionally, there is no hard inquiry on your credit report. This combination not only keeps you protected from any business fraud or downturns, but lets you build business credit with regular payments and responsible use.

How to Get Divvy

The BILL Divvy Card operates a fast application process that requires only six steps and may result in near-instant underwriting (depending upon the business’s cash supply and income). BILL also operates several different underwriting forms – the company even boasts an internal underwriting team for new applicants. Traditional and cash underwriting are also offered, making it easy for companies to find a bespoke credit line for their unique needs.

Applying for BILL Divvy requires the following information:

  • Business name and age
  • Tax ID number or EIN number
  • Company headquarters
  • Personal information on the account manager
  • Business performance and revenue information
  • Company cash balance

BILL Divvy Business Integrations

Divvy allows business owners to manage expenses and budgeting in an easy, streamlined format.

With BILL Divvy, companies can create recurring and one-time spending budgets organized by various variables, including event, team, location, project, and vendor. Additionally, individual spending limits can be set for each cardholder within each budget category, allowing easy adjustments. Furthermore, department and employee requests for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses and mileage can be conveniently approved.

All the data is stored and accessible in one place, so Divvy has become an end-to-end spend management platform that allows you to take control of your business finances – and at no cost, with no contracts.

Here are all of Divvy’s software integrations

View expenses in real time Automatically categorize transactions Review Expenses
Seamless integrations with accounting software Protect Yourself from Fraud Easily reimburse employees

Scalable Business Credit

Another advantage BILL offers is scalable credit lines. Companies can anticipate credit limit increases as their cash reserves grow through seamless integration with BILL expense management software.

Because the card operates through expense management software, system administrators can issue multiple employee cards (including unlimited virtual cards) and then set strict spending limits per employee and card.

Guide to Rewards

The Bill Divvy Card is similar to other business credit cards in that it offers rewards on everyday business expenses and purchases. What sets Divvy apart, however, is the way rewards are earned. BILL Divvy accounts earn rewards based on your payment schedule.

How to Earn Rewards

Companies earn rewards based on their repayment schedule, with shorter payment cycles returning greater rewards:

Category Weekly Payments Semimonthly Payments Monthly Payments
Restaurants 7X 4X 2X
Hotels 5X 3X 2X
Recurring software subscriptions 2X 1.75X 1.5X
Everything else 1.5X 1X 1X

It’s worth noting that these reward accelerators apply only to the first $5,000 in spending each month.

You must select a billing cycle when applying for the BILL Divvy Card. Fortunately, you aren’t tied to that initial choice, with companies having the option to change how often they intend to pay. This flexibility maximizes your rewards during seasonal business slowdowns or busy travel periods.

How to Redeem Rewards

Redeeming points earned with the Divvy Card is straightforward. The rewards earned apply to various options, including statement credits, cash back, gift cards, or travel bookings directly through the Divvy portal.

One nice feature of BILL-Divvy’s rewards platform is that it estimates the value of points for each redemption option. Travel provides the greatest value when redeeming points (valued at one cent per point), with other options valued at one cent per two points (statement credits, gift cards, and cash back).

Other Card Features

Other notable features of this prepaid card include:

  • No interest rates
  • No annual fee
  • Enhanced fraud protection
  • No contract, no obligations
  • Unlimited virtual cards for employees
  • Divvy mobile app access

BILL Divvy utilizes the Visa payment network. Visa is currently the largest payment network in the world, with Divvy cardholders enjoying essential Visa Business protections and benefits. These include:

Zero Fraud Liability Roadside Dispatch Cardholder Inquiry Services Purchase and Extended Protection
Lost/Stolen Card Reporting Emergency Card Replacement Auto Rental Collison Damage Waiver Travel and Emergency Assistance Services

Divvy Comparisons

BILL Divvy Corporate Card Ramp Card
Personal guarantee required? No No
Credit check? No No
Underwriting Near-instant underwriting Up to 20X the capital of a standard card
Rewards Earn up to 7X based on your payment schedule Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase
Annual fee $0 $0

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
No personal guarantee required Must pay balance in full each month
Up to 7X points on eligible purchases Some integrations are tough to link
Complimentary employee cards No sign-up bonus
No annual fee Lesser rewards when paying once per month

What We Like About the BILL Divvy Corporate Card

No Personal Guarantee Required

One of the best features of the Divvy Card is the ability to open an account without a personal guarantee. In business loan agreements, a personal guarantee is a legally binding commitment that holds owners personally accountable for debts in the event of nonpayment. Lenders typically request this guarantee to safeguard their own interests, particularly if they have reservations about the business’s credit history, financial stability, or longevity.

Since BILL Divvy lacks a personal guarantee, account managers and owners can breathe easy, knowing the fortunes of their business won’t impact their credit health.

Exceptional Expense Management Integrations

While the BILL Divvy Corporate Card offers impressive rewards for companies looking to pay balances off regularly, at the product’s core, Divvy is a spending and expense platform. That emphasis on integrations and expense management

The Bill card is designed to connect to the management platform, providing account holders an enhanced ability to manage employee spending. While other corporate charge cards may also offer some spending controls, BILL Divvy stands out with its exceptional level of integration, offering business owners valuable insights and increased control over their employees’ spending habits.

Things to Consider

Welcome Offer

If BILL outperforms many competitors in expense management and integrations, it lacks additional rewards outside of the regular earning rates. There is no welcome offer or sign-up bonus with the card – something found elsewhere regularly.

The Chase Ink business credit cards offer a $200 welcome bonus after meeting minimum spending requirements with no annual fee. Those rewards aren’t massive but still provide additional value to companies.

Lower Rewards with Monthly Payments

Another downside of the card is the reward structure. Sure, the program is excellent for companies that plan to pay their balance off weekly, with those accounts earning up to 7X points, with a baseline of 1X points. Those rewards drop significantly if the business only pays once monthly, with that tier offering only 2X points on eligible purchases and 1X on everything else.

While up to 2X isn’t anything to scoff at, it is significantly lower than many other business cards – especially cards that are not pay-in-full or charge cards. Charge cards require the account to pay off the full balance each billing period, meaning it might be difficult for smaller companies to manage paying off balances multiple times per month. If this is likely going to be the case for your business, a traditional business card and not a charge or corporate card might be a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About BILL Divvy

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Divvy program – as well as the answers:

  • The BILL Divvy Card is a charge card for businesses. A charge card differs from a regular credit card in that the entire balance must be repaid every month.
  • The BILL Divvy Card is issued through Cross River Bank, Member FDIC. 
  • Because BILL Divvy is technically a charge card, the lender looks at a company’s business bank deposits instead of a credit score.
  • BILL is tested on a number of devices and browsers, including:
    • iOS 10 and newer

    • Android 5.0.1 and newer

  • Businesses and cardholders can contact BILL customer service representatives here.

Divvy is a financial management platform designed to help streamline your company’s spending and expense management. The platform also includes the BILL Divvy Card, which provides accelerated rewards based on how often you pay off your business credit card balance.

Yes, the Divvy Card for businesses is the same as the BILL Divvy Card. The card received a name update in 2022.

Divvy’s goal is to approve customers for the line of credit they need to grow their business. Once you complete the online application, the underwriting team goes to work to approve you for a line of credit.

Your account can be funded via wire or ACH transfer or directly via the payment portal on your Divvy Dashboard (this may be subject to a 4-day hold). Customer Support can assist with details.

Divvy reports your payments to D&B and SBFE.

No. Divvy only reports activity that may change your business credit, so no need to worry.

BILL finalized the acquisition of Divvy on May 06, 2021.

Business Card Comparison

BILL Divvy Corporate Card Ramp Card
Personal guarantee required? No No
Credit check? No No
Underwriting Near-instant underwriting Up to 20X the capital of a standard card
Rewards Earn up to 7X based on your payment schedule Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase
Annual fee $0 $0

BILL Divvy Card Ratings

How does the BILL Divvy Card stack up? Here are a selection of expert reviews for the card:

Should You Apply for the BILL Divvy Corporate Card?

Divvy presents a distinctive method for business cards. It eliminates the need for personal credit guarantees and provides an opportunity to advance to an unsecured line of credit with Divvy – a leading player in the business credit sphere.

Suppose you are comfortable making multiple bill payments within a month, preferably every week. In that case, the Divvy Corporate card presents an excellent opportunity to earn rewards on your day-to-day business expenses. However, it is important to note that the frequency of weekly bill payments may prove challenging for small-business owners to manage. In such cases, the rewards rates offered by the Divvy Corporate Card may not be as appealing.

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