Self Visa® Credit Card

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Last updated on July 15th, 2021

Self Visa® Credit Card

Get the Savings Plan That Helps Build Credit Today!

Self Visa® Credit Card
  • Regular Purchase APR 23.99%
  • Annual Fee $25
  • Credit Needed Fair , Poor , No Credit Required
  • Processing Network Visa
Best Benefits
  • Get the savings plan that helps build credit today
  • Start with a Credit Builder Account that reports monthly payments to all 3 major credit bureaus
  • Sample product: A $539.00 Credit builder account, paid 12 times over one year would have a monthly payment of $48.00, and an Annual Percentage Rate of 15.97%. Please refer to for the most recent pricing options
Rates & Fees
  • Regular Purchase APR: 23.99%
  • Annual Fee: $25
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee: Up to $15
  • Return Payment Penalty Fee: Up to $15
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At a Glance

The Self Visa® Credit Card is a secured credit card that pairs with an existing Self Credit Builder Account. The card has no formal approval process. Instead, hopeful consumers simply need to open a Self account and save over $100 to fund the secured Visa account.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Are serious about raising their credit score
  • Already have a Self Credit Builder Account
  • Don’t mind the $25 annual fee
  • Plan to pay their card balance in full every month

Self Visa® Credit Card Review

The Self Visa® Credit Card is a secured credit card from leading fintech, Self. While the card isn’t available for direct applications, opening a Self Credit Builder Account and making on-time payments will guarantee you the credit building secured card – and the purchasing power of the visa network.

How to Get a Self Visa® Credit Card

The Self Visa® Credit Card approval process is a little different than other secured credit card accounts. Because Self is a credit builder startup, the process involves a potential applicant getting their hands dirty with the company and growing their credit portfolio.

This process begins with opening a Self Credit Builder Account. Self’s Credit Builder Account is a unique loan product where individuals with no credit history or poor credit open a loan account to “pay off” the loan into a certificate of deposit (CD) account.

self credit builder account payment guide
Self Credit Builder Account Pricing

Once the account holder makes three monthly payments on time – and has more than $100 in their CD account, they can select to open a Self Visa® Credit Card account. They can choose their initial deposit level (at least $100) and order their secured card.

There are no credit checks, meaning there is no impact on a person’s credit score to open the account. Because there are no credit checks and no formal application process, no one can be denied the Self Visa Secured Card.  Opening the account, however, does require a $25 annual fee.

Build Good Credit with On-Time Payments

Building credit is difficult without the correct tools. Fortunately, the Self Secured Visa makes the practice much easier.

The Self Visa reports to the major credit bureaus every month. This regular reporting to Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion allow users to quickly raise their credit score through a series of on-time payments.

Payment history accounts for 35% of a FICO Score. Because this one critical factor accounts for over a third of a person’s FICO Score (the scoring model used by 90% of all lenders), paying on-time can help raise a credit score significantly within six months to a year. According to Self, responsibly using the Secured Visa touches upon over 75% of the major factors that impact a person’s FICO score.

FICO Score Factors

Chance at Credit Limit Increases Over Time

Because the card is linked to a Self Credit Builder Account, cardholders can increase their secured card credit limit as they continue to build their FICO Score with on-time payments. As their Credit Builder Account grows, that money can be moved towards the credit line with the Self Visa® Credit Card.

Uninspiring APR

One of the biggest downsides of the Self Secured Visa is the less-than-stellar APR on purchases. That rate is approximately five-percentage points higher than the national average of 18%.

Fortunately, avoiding interest is as easy as paying the balance in full every month. But, if you plan to carry a balance, expect a larger than normal interest charge. This charge won’t be excessive, just more than the average consumer would expect.

Visa Protections and Benefits

The Self Visa also provides holders with the basic benefits and protections from a Visa credit card. These features include Roadside Dispatch, Visa’s Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Zero Fraud Liability coverage, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Self Credit Builder and Self Visa

Because the Self Visa is a unique way to establish a good credit history, there are many questions that often arise from interested consumers. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Self, as well the answers:

Since the Self Visa is a secured credit card, you set the credit limit. Opening a Self Secured Visa account requires a Self Credit Builder account. Once that account has a minimum of $100, you can open a Self Credit Card account.

No. Self does not permit Self Secured Cardholders to use their card for cash advances.

The Self Card features an annual fee of $25, which is very reasonable when compared with other secured credit cards for building credit.

Self Visa Credit Cardholders  can contact Self through their website, via the company’s live chat, or by calling 1-877-883-0999.

Yes! For those ready to rebuild their credit – or establish a strong credit history for the first time – the Self Credit Builder account and Self Secured visa are excellent tools for learning sound financial habits.

Should You Apply for the Self Visa® Credit Card?

The Self Credit Builder Account and associated Secured Visa® Credit Card are an excellent combination for quickly building a positive credit history. Because the two accounts work together seamlessly, meeting the minimum requirements and paying on-time doubles the impact on your credit score.

While the Self Visa isn’t a spectacular credit card (the APR is below average, and the $25 annual fee isn’t great), it comes with no hard inquiries on your credit report and no fears of rejection. Because of this, it is one of the best options available for credit repair.

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