Ultimate Credit Card Merchant Offers Guide

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Last updated on April 2nd, 2024

Credit card companies always seek to add new features to their credit card programs. One of the most popular programs banks relies upon is known as “merchant offers.” These offers, often a rebate, provide additional savings on top of your credit card’s rewards program.  But what exactly are bank and credit card issuer merchant offers and who can take part?

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What Are Merchant Offers?

Merchant offers are any number of programs that offer discounts, deals, or rewards on eligible purchases. You can usually find these offers once you are logged in to your eligible banking or credit card account.

Which Banks Provide Targetted Offers?

Not all banks and credit card issuers provide these services for customers. Here’s everything you need to know about bank offers from the leading card issuers and banks:

american express 100x100

Amex Offers

Amex Offers is a merchant discount program offered through American Express. The program offers targeted chances to earn statement credits, bonus cash back, or additional Membership Rewards points on eligible purchases.

What Amex Cards are eligible?

All American Express credit accounts enjoy access to Amex Offers except for corporate cards and prepaid cards. Here is an example of eligible Amex cards:

How Do Amex Offers Work?

The American Express merchant offers program is easy to access and use:

  • Log into your American Express dashboard at Amex’s website or the American Express mobile app.
  • Navigate down the page until you see “Amex Offers & Benefits.”
  • Click “Amex Offers & Benefits”
  • Click “View All” to see all available offers for the card
  • Once added to your card, offers will appear under the “Added to Card” tab.
  • Shop at the merchant using the eligible card. Cash The savings will be reflected on the account within 14 days of the purchase

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BankAmeriDeals is the merchant offer portal for Bank of America. Unlike other programs (like Citi Merchant Offers), BankAmeriDeals is open to Bank of America credit cardholders and Bank of America debit card customers! This perk is free for all Bank of America banking customers, and there’s no sign-up needed.

The BankAmeriDeals program often features overlaps from Chase Offers. This is because the two portals and offer programs are designed and managed by the same third-party contractor.

What BoA Cards are Eligible?

Pretty much every Bank of America credit card or debit card—as well as Merrill Lynch credit cards—are eligible for BankAmeriDeals. Excluded cards include Fleet cards, ATM-only cards, travel and corporate credit cards.

How Does BankAmeriDeals Work?

Taking advantage of Bank of America’s merchant program is easy:

  • Browse available offers in your Bank of America banking dashboard.
  • Offers include categories like Entertainment, Food, Retail, Travel, and more.
  • Click “Add the Deal” to add to your eligible Bank of America bank card
  • Shop as normal using the eligible bank card

BankAmeriDeals rewards are added to the eligible card account within 30 days of earning.

chase 100x100

Chase Offers

Like American Express, Chase provides eligible cardholders with additional savings through Chase Offers.

What Chase Cards are eligible?

Chase Offers are available for all Chase credit cards that earn Ultimate Rewards points and all co-branded Chase cards.

How Does Chase Offers Work?

Here’s how to get started with Chase Offers:

  1. Log on to your Chase dashboard through Chase.com or the Chase mobile app
  2. Navigate to the “Offers” page to see the full list of eligible Chase Offers
  3. Select an offer to see more details and to add the offer to the account
  4. Shop at the merchant using the eligible card! Cash The savings will be reflected on the account within 14 days of the purchase

Remember that merchant offers are not identical for all Chase cards you hold. Because of this, only add Chase Offers to the card you plan on using to take advantage of the deal.

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Citi Merchant Offers

Citi Merchant Offers is a new deals program that provides statement credits or bonus ThankYou points when making eligible purchases with a Citi credit card. The Merchant Offers program is similar to other offers programs from big banks. It provides dozens of unique, variable offers for Citi cardholders.

What Citi Credit Cards are Eligible?

Like Chase, Citi has rules regarding which credit cards are eligible for select Merchant Offers. Currently, all Citi ThankYou Rewards cardholders, plus co-branded Citi credit cardholders, are eligible to receive Merchant Offers.

Eligible Citi credit cards includes the Citi Custom Cash℠ Card and the Citi® Double Cash Card. Other Citi credit cards eligible for Merchant Offers include the American Airlines AAdvantage cards, the Citi Prestige and Dividend cards (no longer accepting new applicants), the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card, and others:

How Do Citi Merchant Offers Work?

Here is how Citi Merchant Offers works:

  • Log on to Citi through comor the Citi mobile app
  • Navigate to the “Citi Offers For You” page to see the full list of eligible Merchant Offers
  • Select an offer to see more details and to add the offer to the account
  • Continue to spend normally!

Cash back will be reflected on the account within a few days of the purchase. There is no limit to the number of offers you can activate.

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U.S. Bank Cash Back Deals

U.S. Bank Cash Back Deals is a rather unassuming merchant offers and deals program from U.S. Bank. Eligible consumer banking customers can shop online or in-store at offer-activated locations and use their U.S. Bank card at checkout to earn additional rewards – for free!

Who Can Use Cash Back Deals?

U.S. Bank Cash Back Deals are available for U.S. Bank personal debit and credit cards. U.S. Bank business debit, credit cards, and co-branded credit cards are not eligible for the program.

How Do U.S. Bank Cash Back Deals Work?

Getting cash back with eligible U.S. Bank cash back deals is easy as 1-2-3.

  • On the right side of the screen, select See all deals from the “Cash-Back Deals” section.
  • To activate an offer, choose the category and desired deal, then select “Activate.”
  • To view available, activated, earned, and expired offers, select the desired tab just below “How this works.”
  • Make the qualifying purchase using your eligible U.S. Bank credit card.
  • S. Bank sends a push notification to the registered contact number or email address when a qualifying purchase is recognized.

Cash-back credits are deposited five to seven business days after the qualifying purchase. Read your eligible U.S. Bank credit card for more information on the U.S. Bank Cash Back Deals program. Because Cash Back Deals are personalized to each cardholder, authorized users will have unique deals to activate and complete.

Other Card Issuers with Merchant Offers for Cardholders

It’s not just the very largest banks in the United States that offer additional offers for customers. Some of the leading regional banks also provide similar services:

pnc bank 100x100

PNC Purchase Payback

PNC is one of the country’s largest banks and provides eligible credit cardholders targeted savings. Known as PNC Purchase Payback, the service offers discounts, bonus points, and more. There is no cost to join or participate.

You can locate the Purchase Payback program in the PNC Rewards Center in “Online Banking.” You will see a summary of all new, active, and earned PNC Purchase Payback offers.

How Does PNC Purchase Payback Work?

PNC Purchase Payback is open to PNC Cash Rewards® Visa® cardholders and PNC Bank Visa® Debit cards.

Taking advantage of PNC Purchase Payback is simple:

  1. Log in to your eligible PNC Bank credit card account – either online or through he PNC mobile banking app.
  2. Click the “Purchase Payback” tab.
  3. Select the offer you want and click on them to activate
  4. Shop as usual using your eligible PNC credit card.
  5. Your savings should be posted to your PNC within 14 days

Other Things to Know

Typically, points will be rewarded for all earned PNC Purchase Payback offers around the 20th of the month following the qualifying purchase. Typically, points are credited within 10 business days. However, it may take up to 90 days for some transactions, such as online or foreign transactions.

If you have not received your Purchase Payback rewards after 90 days, please get in touch with PNC customer support at 1-855-PNC-RWDS (855-762-7937). There is no maximum number of offers you can activate.

regions 100x100

Regions Cashback Rewards

Regions Bank is a large regional bank with its headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. The bank provides two unique rewards platforms for members: Cashback Rewards and Rewards Multiplier.

Region’s Cashback Rewards is the first offer, providing savings on select purchases and additional cash back with select retailers. The program is available to Regions checking and banking customers with a Visa Check Card, Regions Cash Rewards Visa®, or a Regions Now Card.

How Do Cashback Rewards Work?

Taking part in Cashback Rewards is easy:

  1. Log in to your Regions checking account.
  2. Shop offers in Regions Online and Mobile Banking from participating retailers and service providers
  3. Click on offers to activate them
  4. Use your eligible Regions Bank card to make the qualifying purchase.

Cash back is automatically deposited in your checking account or added to your Now Card balance.

Regions Rewards Multiplier

The Regions Rewards Multiplier program lets eligible Regions credit card customers earn extra points for your credit card purchases. Rewards Multiplier is available to anyone with both a Regions Relationship Rewards credit card and a personal checking account

What Cards are Available to Join?

A valid Regions Relationship Rewards credit card is required to participate in the Rewards Multiplier program. Eligible Regions cards include:

How Does Rewards Multiplier Work?

Signing up for Regions Rewards Multiplier is simple – especially since only Regions credit cardholders can join. How simple? Once you open the eligible Regions credit card account, you are all set and ready to earn.

  • Regions Prestige Visa® cardholders earn 3 points per $1 spent on dining and entertainment purchases, 2 points per $1 spent on gas and grocery store purchases3, and 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • Regions Premium Visa cardholders earn 1.5 points for each $1 spent on qualifying purchases on the account.
truist bank

Truist Deals

Like Citi Merchant Offers, Truist Deals gives Truist cardholders additional savings, cash back, and more when opting in and shopping through the portal. And even better – all Truist personal credit, personal or business debit, or Truist Money Account Prepaid Debit cardholders are enrolled automatically to receive deals. Plus, it’s free!

Truist provides an impressive list of participating merchants, including Starbucks, Panera, Chili’s, Advanced Auto Parts, Big Lots, Walmart, AT&T, Dunkin’, and Door Dash, just to name a few.

Which Truist Cards are Eligible?

The Truist Deals program is open to eligible Truist consumer credit cardholders. While the list of eligible cards is updated regularly, read your Truist terms and conditions to see if your card is eligible. 

How Do Truist Deals Work?

Taking advantage of the free Truist Deals program is easy:

  1. Sign in to online banking at the Truist website or via the app.
  2. Select “More” and “Rewards & Deals” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select “View Deals”
  4. Check out your available deal options.
  5. Select as many deals as you like—the deals are automatically added, and there’s no cap.

Redeem a deal by simply purchasing with the eligible Truist card before the deal’s expiration date. Rewards are automatically applied to the chosen account the month after your purchase.

barclays 100x100

Barclaycard RewardsBoost

Barclays is another U.S. credit card issuer that offers a special portal for customers to earn additional rewards. Known as Barclaycard RewardsBoost, the program lets eligible Barclaycard customers earn extra rewards at more than 1,000 leading merchants, including Levi’s, Lenovo, CVS, and more.

Which U.S. Barclaycard Credit Cards are Eligible?

Barclays does not provide explicit information regarding with Barclaycard credit cards are eligible for the Barclaycard RewardsBoost. Please consult the full terms & conditions of your Barclays credit card before enrolling.

How does RewardsBoost Work?

Signing up for Barclays RewardsBoost is easy. You will need your name and full Barclays account number to open your account. After that, you’re all set!

Using Barclaycard RewardsBoost is simple: program

  • Always begin your online shopping at barclaycardrewardsboost.com.
  • Use the search box to find your favorite stores or a product.
  • Click on any store, product, or offer, and you’ll be taken to the store’s website.
  • Barclays will credit the rewards earned directly to your Barclaycard account within 14 days.

Visit BarclaycardUS.com for information on how to redeem your rewards.


BBVA offers limited-time promotions for select BBVA consumer credit cards. These promotions may include discounts with select merchants, like 10% off purchases, and bonus points for select categories. An example of targeted savings with BBVA is an offer of 5X points on purchases at grocery stores through a set period.

Can You Stack Bank Offers with Shopping Portals?

One of the great features of personalized bank offers is that, in many instances, the actual merchant does not see the promo deal, so users can add other deals on top to stack the savings. Chase, Citi,, and Amex Offers all provide stackability, making them the perfect program for the budget-conscious consumer.

Not all offers are eligible for stacking, however. Some merchants use specific terms and conditions to eliminate stacking coupons. In contrast, others limit the total number of coupons a shopper can apply to purchase. Kohl’s, for example, limits customers to four coupons per transaction.

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Can You Stack Deals with Business Credit Cards?

As you’ve probably noticed, all the stacking tips have been for consumer credit and debit cards. But can your small business or enterprise stack rewards with business credit cards? Yes!

Companies looking to maximize their savings can combine offers from payment networks (Visa and Mastercard) along with the basic rewards of their small business credit card. Stacking deals is an excellent option for business owners who want to stretch their budgets and improve their bottom line.

Merchant Offers for Businesses

While most merchant offers are for consumers only, special discounts, deals, and other savings are available to companies of all sizes through Visa and Mastercard.

visa 100x100

Visa SavingsEdge

Visa offers the first service, known as Savings Edge. Visa SavingsEdge gives enrolled Visa Business cardholders ways to save on business expenses with Everyday Offers, which become automatically available upon enrollment.

What Visa Business Cards are Eligible for SavingsEdge?

Eligible business cards for SavingsEdge include Visa Business and Visa Business Platinum credit and debit cards and Visa Business Signature debit cards.

How Does SavingsEdge Work?

Using SavingsEdge is simple but does require registration. Eligible business cardholders can enroll on the SavingsEdge website. You’ll need your name, email, and 16-digit card number to enroll. Business owners can register up to 10 business cards per account.

Once enrolled, members can check the SavingsEdge website for deals and discounts. One of the program’s great features is that discounts often apply to the entire cost of the service or item, including taxes and shipping costs. Other programs are restrictive in their deals, but SavingsEdge gives business owners a little more to celebrate. Purchases made online, in person, via phone or by mail are all eligible for discounts.

Once enrolled, members can navigate between two deal types: activation and everyday rewards.

Everyday Offers

Everyday Offers require no coupons or codes because they are applied as statement credits on enrolled Visa Business cardholders’ future account statements. Enrolling in Visa SavingsEdge also gives you access to Activate Offers, which are instant savings applied to your cart directly from the merchant’s website.

Activate Offers require activation – hence the name. Because businesses must activate each offer, these rewards sometimes provide more significant value than Everyday Offers.

Activate Offers


Mastercard Easy Savings

Mastercard also provides a merchant offers a program for business card customers. The Mastercard Easy Savings program makes life easier for companies by bringing them rebates across everyday expenses.

What Mastercard Business Cards are Eligible for Easy Savings?

Mastercard Easy Savings is available to U.S.-issued small business Mastercard credit and debit cards. Commercial Mastercard also provides automatic eligibility.

How Does Easy Savings Work?

Like other portals, Easy Savings from Mastercard is easy to use. Once enrolled, businesses earn rebates from 1% to 25% in additional rewards – pretty easy savings, huh? With Easy Savings, there are no codes or coupons required. Even better, both in-store and online purchases are eligible for rebates.

  • Hotels: Cardholders save 4% when staying at one of 6,000 participating hotels.
  • Dining: Cardholders save 4% at over 20,000 restaurants in the Dinova network of eateries.
  • Business Services: Businesses save 2% to 25% on business products and services
  • Gas: Business travelers save 1% on gas at over 19,000 participating gas stations (including Exxon and Shell)

Rebates post to the account within 3-5 business days after the qualifying purchase. 

FAQs About Merchant Offers on Credit Cards

Still have some questions about merchant and bank offers on your credit card? Never fear – here is a selection of answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about these deals:

  • Different banks have different rules for their rewards programs. That said, most issuers place no limits on the total number of deals you can activate.
  • Dining programs are another popular form of offer. These programs, offered by banks and airlines, offer additional points for dining with partners. Unfortunately, many offers will not work with dining networks. Citi, for example, states that if the credit card is enrolled in “another program,” it may be removed from that “other program.”
  • You can only activate an offer on one card. You must then use that card to make the eligible purchase to claim the rewards.

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