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New Citi Merchant Offers for Credit Cards

Citi has an exciting new feature for credit cardholders. The Citi Merchant Offers marketplace provides discounts on select shopping, dining, and other categories. Here is what you need to know about Citi Merchant Offers and which Citi credit cards are eligible for this benefit.

Citi Merchant Offers Launches

Citi has sought to provide additional value to credit cardholders throughout 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the third-largest issuer of credit cards in the United States is offering a new program for select cardholders.

Citi’s new Citi Merchant Offers is like other card issuer deals platforms, including Amex Offers, Chase Offers, or Visa and Mastercard’s payment network offers. These promotions allow eligible Citi cardholders to stack savings by combining deals available through the portal with the cash back or points earned by using the credit card.

Not Available On All Citi Credit Cards

According to multiple reports, however, the new platform isn’t available for all Citi credit cards. Some users, for instance, are seeing offers available with their Citi Premier Card, but not the Citi Double Cash Card. Others are receiving dozens of offers with their Citi Rewards+ Card, but none on the Costco Anywhere Visa.

To check if your Citi credit card is eligible for the Merchant Offers feature, log in to your Citi account, or click this link.

Given the uneven distribution of offers, it appears that the Citi Merchant Offers feature might be performing a test run before a full-fledged launch in 2021. Citi has yet to comment publicly on the new feature, however, so this is pure conjecture at this point.

Citi Continues to Roll Out Changes

Citibank has been active in recent months, seeking to provide additional value to customers given the circumstances 2020 has brought on. The bank recently offered a unique ThankYou Points gift card promotion that gave eligible cardholders 20% more value when using points towards gift cards. According to reports, the lender also has been offering statement credits for the annual fee with its premium Citi Premier Card.

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