New Citi Merchant Offers for Credit Cards

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Last updated on March 18th, 2024

Citi has an exciting new feature for credit cardholders. The Citi Merchant Offers marketplace provides discounts on select shopping, dining, and other categories. Here is what you need to know about them, and which Citi credit cards are eligible for this benefit.

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What are Citi Merchant Offers?

Citi Merchant Offers is a new deals program that provides statement credits or bonus ThankYou points when making eligible purchases with a Citi credit card. The Merchant Offers program is similar to other offers programs from big banks, such as Amex Offers or Chase Offers, and provides dozens of special, variable offers for Citi cardholders.

On average, cardmembers can save 15% with these offers and eligible cardmembers may see up to 200 Merchant Offers on their page, across a large variety of categories including Travel, Dining and Entertainment, Shopping, Health and Wellness, and more. Since launching the pilot for Merchant Offers in 2020, consumer interest continues to grow, with the four most popular redemption categories being Grocery, Retail, Travel, and Fuel.  

Where to Find Them

Finding Citi Merchant Offers is simple. You can locate Merchant Offers through the Citi website or via the Citi mobile banking app. The offers are located within the “Services” section of the mobile app.

After clicking “Services” on the app home page, select “Products & Offers” and scroll to the bottom. Towards the bottom of the page is “Merchant Offers.” Click on “See all” to view offers on your eligible Citi cards. If you have multiple Citi cards, you can cycle through eligible offers for each card on this page.

Who Is Eligible?

Anyone with a Citi credit card is eligible. Like other merchant programs from other banks, such as Amex Offers or Chase Offers, Citi Merchant Offers are available to any Citi credit card.

That doesn’t mean that every Citi cardmember will receive every offer. Nor does it mean that every merchant offer applies to every card member. If you have an eligible Citi credit card and received a Citi welcome email or letter (as shown below), you are likely eligible for Merchant Offers. Here is a list of cards eligible to take part in the program: 

To check if your Citi credit card is eligible for the Merchant Offers feature, log in to your Citi account, or click this link.

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How Do Citi Merchant Offers Work?

Merchant Offers works by first providing select offers to eligible cardmembers, as mentioned above. Once you spot an offer that appeals to you, add it to your Citi card and make the eligible purchase as outlined in the terms and conditions.

Once the offer is added to the card and the purchase made, the cash back or ThankYou point bonus will be added to your card account, typically within the same billing cycle. Occasionally, offers may take up to six weeks to apply to card statements.

Some Citi Merchant Offers provide more than one cash back or ThankYou Points bonus. While many offers expire after a single transaction, others are valid for multiple transactions.

How can cardmembers access Merchant Offers? Here is how Citi Merchant Offers works:

① Log on to Citi through or the Citi mobile app
② Navigate to the “Citi Offers For You” page to see the full list of eligible Merchant Offers
③ Select an offer to see more details and to add the offer to the account
④ Continue to spend normally! Cash back will be reflected on the account within a few days of the purchase

Types of Offers

There are currently five types of Merchant Offers:

Travel Dining Entertainment
Shopping Health Wellness

Can You Stack Deals with Citi Merchant Offers?

Citi Merchant Offers should be stackable with the various shopping portals available. Since you add the offer to the card and are only required to use the card — not follow a specific link like some Amex offers — you should be able to double-dip offers.

Often, shopping online makes stacking coupons much more manageable. Online shopping portals are an excellent resource for combining offers and ensuring you get the best value on purchasing items. Often, shopping online makes stacking coupons much more manageable. Online shopping portals are an excellent resource for combining offers and ensuring you get the best value on purchasing items.

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FAQs About Citi Merchant Offers

Here are some answers to other commonly asked questions about Citi Merchant Offers:

  • There isn’t a known cap on the number of offers you can add, but with programs like Amex Offers the limit is usually around 100 offers per card at one time.
  • The Citi Merchant Offers fine print states that if the credit card is enrolled in “another program” it may be removed from that “other program”. This implies that trying to stack offers from dining programs with Merchant Offers will not work. 
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