Citi Provides Update On True Name Feature Success

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Last updated on September 13th, 2021

Citi joined Mastercard’s “True Name” program.  Citi’s new “True Name” feature allows eligible Citi cardholders to use their chosen identity on their card – and not just their legal name. Now, in honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility, Citi is highlighting the program’s success.

Mastercard’s True Name Program

The Mastercard True Name™ feature allows all non-binary and transgender customers to put their chosen name, rather than their legal name, on their card. Previously, cardholders have had no choice but to use their birth name, which is often a point of sensitivity for many who identify as non-binary or transgender. Only in instances of a legal name change were alterations permissible.

Citi’s True Name A Major Success

The announcement of the True Name program was made by Citi earlier in October. U.S. Citibank customers can display their chosen name after requesting a new credit card online or by calling the customer service number. Customers can also be referenced by their chosen name when contacting customer service and across online and mobile access points.

To date, more than 6,900 customers have updated their True Name on Citi cards, helping  trans and non-binary customers feel recognized, accepted and empowered.

“Empowered to Be Their True Selves”

Citi and Mastercard heralded the addition of Citi to the True Name program when it first launched. In a press release, the partners addressed the impact of the feature on customers across the United States:

“At Citi, we are passionate about ensuring our customers feel recognized, accepted, and empowered to be their true selves. We’re incredibly proud to launch the True Name feature, through our relationship with Mastercard, because we strongly believe that our customers should have the opportunity to be called by the name that represents who they really are.”
Carla Hassan
Chief Marketing Officer, Citi
“Since introducing the True Name feature, we’ve received incredible feedback from our partners and allies within the transgender and non-binary communities on how the capability has eased a major pain point in their lives. By working with Citi and its significant network, we’re thrilled that we’ll be able to extend the reach and impact of the True Name initiative.”
Cheryl Guerin
EVP of Marketing & Communications, Mastercard

Take a Look Behind-the-Scenes of the True Name Campaign

Now Citi is also highlighting he emotional power of the campaign itself, by showcasing a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the original photo shoot.  In the video, the participants discuss what it means to have their names reflect who they truly are.

How to Change Names with Citi

Existing Citi customers can change their current name to reflect their true identity by visiting There, they can log in to their Citi credit card account, click “Profile,” select their contact information, and click “Use My Preferred First Name.”

It is important to note that Citi may still use your legal name in certain circumstances, including identity verification purposes, and in specific communications.

About Citi

Citi, a leading global bank, has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. Citibank is the fourth largest bank in the United States by total assets – and the third-largest issuer of credit cards. Over 131 million Citi credit cards are currently in circulation, including proprietary, co-branded, and private label credit cards with names like Macy’s, Best Buy, American Airlines, and Expedia.

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