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Editors’ Picks: Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

BestCards is known for its robust reviews from those who have spent the time to search the Internet looking for the best credit card products and benefits available to consumers and businesses. But we’re more than just reviews – we provide the insight and analysis on all aspects of credit cards, including discussions of the latest industry developments and trends.

At BestCards, credit card discussions extend well beyond the end of the business day. Our staff are always discussing what to look for in a credit card, and rarely is there a 100% consensus. 

Here are the top balance transfer credit card picks for September from our senior editorial staff, Allan and Cory:

Cory's Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Picks:

Thanks to its impressive everyday APR, the Upgrade Card is one of our favorite credit cards at BestCards. That APR on purchases and balance transfers starts as low as 9% for applicants with excellent credit.

Instead of 0% APR Upgrade prioritizes a great rate along with a unique repayment plan that is more akin to a personal loan than a traditional credit card account. Cardholders pay off balances significantly faster with Upgrade versus other low APR credit cards. According to research from Upgrade, paying off a $10,000 balance takes just a few years with the Upgrade Visa, compared with other traditional credit cards that can take up to 20 years – or more.

Add to that great rate simplified cash back rewards, and you have the makings of an excellent low APR credit card. Even better, that 1.5% cash back applies to every purchase, making the Upgrade Card with Cash Rewards a versatile credit card suitable for everyday usage.

The U.S. Bank Platinum Visa is another regular fixture on the best balance transfer credit card lineup. The card comes with an impressive 0% introductory APR for the first 20 months on purchases and balance transfers, followed by a variable APR several percentage points below the national average for those with exceptional credit. Other excellent features with the U.S. Bank Platinum Card include cell phone protection, EMV chip, contactless payment technology, and more – all for no annual fee.

The Citi Simplicity might be Citibank’s most recognizable low APR and balance transfer credit card. Still, it isn’t the only option the bank offers. The Diamond Preferred Card actually offers a lengthier interest-free period and a slightly lower APR for applicants with excellent credit than Simplicity.

The Diamond Preferred features a huge 21 months of 0% APR on balance transfers, then a variable APR starting as low as the mid-13% range – a full point below the APR with the Simplicity. The Diamond Preferred might not offer the same 21-motnh 0% APR but don’t let that detract from its impressive BT abilities.

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Allan's Top Balance Transfer Picks:

If some is good, more is better. That is the case with the Citi Simplicity® card, which offers a huge 21 months of 0% APR on balance transfers. This gives you ample time to pay off any debt that you move over to this card without the added cost of interest charges. What’s more, the card also offers 12 months of no interest on new purchases. However, if you are planning to transfer an external balance, you’ll want to be careful with making large purchases, otherwise, you’ll dig yourself into a bigger hole.

The Discover it® Cash Back card is a perennial favorite because of its enticing Cashback Match perk, which matches all of the cash back you earn, dollar-for-dollar, during your first year. But it’s easy to overlook the fact that it’s also a pretty solid balance transfer card choice. If approved, you’ll get 14 months of 0% APR on transfers (as well as purchases). Another unique add-on is a reduced balance transfer fee of 3% (usually 5%), which is applied to any transfers that post to your account within a certain period of time after opening an account.

The recently launched Wells Fargo Reflect℠ Card doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other rewards cards, but it does have an above-average 18-month 0% APR intro offer on balance transfers and purchases. However, those 18 months can turn into 21 months. By simply making the minimum monthly payment every month during the 18-month intro period, you’ll get a 3-month extension with no interest charges (during which you’ll still need to make the minimum monthly payment on your statement). Almost two years without interest charges, plus no annual fee, make this a sweet deal for those looking to save money.

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