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Accepted Platinum Card: $1,000 Unsecured Credit

Cory Santos

| Last updated on December 20th, 2023

Accepted Platinum

Accepted Platinum
No Credit Required
BestCards refers to a variation of FICO Score 9, which is one of many different types of credit scores. A financial institution may use a different score when deciding whether to approve you for a credit card. Please note that the range shown here is our own estimation and not a guarantee of credit needed to be approved for any given card. Recommended Credit: No Credit Required
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Accepted Platinum

At a Glance

The Accepted Platinum Card is a merchandise card and line of credit that can be used exclusively at MyUnique Outlet Shopping Club. Cardholders enjoy a $1,000 unsecured line of credit at the shopping portal, with 0% financing on purchases and low monthly payments starting at $14.95/month.

  • Best Benefits
  • Rates & Fees
  • Why Should You Apply?
  • $1000 credit limit for use at
  • No credit or employment checks
  • Instant Approval
  • o% financing on purchases
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee: Up to $10
  • Return Payment Penalty Fee: Up to $30
  • You have a hard time finding a regular credit card for their credit profile
  • You do't have the available cash for a security deposit for a secured credit card
  • Want a significant credit line to purchase brand-name merchandise and electronics

Accepted Platinum Card Review

Accepted Platinum is a merchandise card and line of credit that works exclusively at The line of credit is designed for those looking to build or rebuild their damaged credit, and no interest on purchases.

$1,000 Unsecured Credit with No Credit or Employment Checks

Upon successful application (Unique Card Services and Accepted seek to provide an instant approval), new Accepted Platinum Card members enjoy a $1,000 unsecured line of credit for use at the Unique Outlet. MyUnique Outlet is an online shopping portal that offers a wide variety of brand-name products, including electronics, fragrances, and supplies for the home and kitchen.

The $1,000 credit line with the Accepted Card is the same as its sibling, the Unique Platinum Card. Other cards, like the various Horizon Services cards, or the Fingerhut Card, offer lower credit lines.

And like the Unique Platinum Card, the Accepted Platinum features no credit or employment checks. It is best suited for someone with little to no credit history. According to the company, you will not be denied due to a bad FICO score or limited credit history.

Because the Accepted Card is a merchandise card and line of credit, it does not work outside the MyUnique Shopping Outlet. In this regard, the card is akin to a closed-loop store card, lowering the credit requirements and providing credit access to those usually underserved.

How Do Unique Card Services and Horizon Card Services Compare?

Unique Card Services is the issuer of the Accepted Platinum Card. Unique is just one issuer of these merchandise cards, with Horizon Card Services, another popular brand. But how do these two card service companies compare?


Unique Card Services issues several catalog or merchandise cards, including Accepted Platinum. The company also issues the Unique Platinum, Deluxe Signature, Vast Platinum, and Next Millenium cards. What makes Unique Card Services products interesting is the higher-than-average credit limits of up to $1,000. But that unsecured credit can only be used at the company’s online catalog –


Horizon Card Services issues several cards, including the  Group One Platinum, Boost Platinum, NetFirst Platinum, and Freedom Gold cards. Horizon Card Services features slightly lower initial credit lines of $750 in unsecured credit towards purchases at the Horizon Outlet online store but with a few more baked-in benefits to compensate for that lesser credit.

Here are Horizon’s available card offers:

And here are Horizon’s additional benefits:

Horizon Benefits
My Privacy Protection Users receive access to unlimited privacy protection when using their card within Horizon’s online portal.
My Roadside Protection Members have access to up to three service calls or towing requests per year (up to 15 miles, and not to exceed the operator cost of $50) free of charge.
Credit Hawk Cardholders receive 24/7 credit monitoring access through Credit Hawk.
My Universal RX Members receive up to 50% off at over 55,000 pharmacies nationwide. Check or call Member Services for selected medications and changes
My Legal Assistance Cardholders receive one free 30-minute consultation with a specialized legal professional in your area (excluding criminal defense).

Fees and (0%) Interest Charges

Merchandise cards are a quality option for building credit because they don’t feature any interest charges on purchases (0% APR on purchases). Unique may charge a monthly membership fee, but for applicants looking to build credit through purchases, the $14.95 price is much more preferable to sky-high interest rates.

This charge is the monthly maintenance fee, and it is auto-debited monthly. The charge will appear on your bank statements as “UNIQUE CARD SERVICES™ Membership Fee.”

This membership plan offers access to members-only discounts and Roadside Assistance, savings and discounts on prescriptions, and legal assistance (free and discounted). Cardholders also enjoy $25 in monthly rewards, helping them reach for better items all while building credit.

Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to make your payments as dictated by Unique Card Services’ payment chart:

Account Balance Minimum Monthly Payment
From To
$0.00 $24.99 100% of account balance
$25.00 $166.73 $25
$166.74 $1,500 15% of account abalnce

Other fees to remember are the shipping and processing fees, which must be paid in full before items ship. Shipping and processing fees are non-refundable.

FAQs About the Accepted Platinum Card

Here are answers to some commonly-asked questions about the Accepted Platinum from Unique Card Services:

  • Per Unique, for your protection, all standard size orders are shipped UPS. Thus, the company cannot allow you to utilize a P.O. box as your shipping address. Oversized items are shipped via Freight Company. When you select an oversized item, the website will prompt you to contact the Member Services Department to place an order and receive additional information on shipment.
  • Billing statements are sent once per month. Statements will only be mailed if there is a balance due. Payment due date is the date in which your payment must be received 
  • Your Unique Card Services Shopping Card will be active for 12 months from the date of issue, unless Unique Card Services cancels the account due to delinquent payment, or the Unique Card Services Cardholder requests the account be closed. Prior to expiration, you may be contacted with further account options.

Unique Card Service Ratings

Here are the leading reviews and ratings for the Unique Platinum Card and Unique Card Services, the parent company:

Should You Apply for the Accepted Platinum Card?

The Accepted Platinum Card is a solid option for anyone struggling to find a traditional credit card to help them build credit. Although it does not function as a conventional credit card, it does provide the credit building platform users need – in addition to a $1,000 credit line at MyUnique Outlet.

That outlet has a smaller number of products than the Horizon Outlet. However, the MyUnique store items are of a higher-end quality – including leading names in electronics, fragrances, and more.

There are no credit checks or employment checks. You will not see a hard inquiry hit your credit report after applying for the Accepted merchandise card. Cardholders only need to pay for their purchases with their Platinum Card.

Overall, there is a lot to love about the Accepted Platinum Card from Unique Card Services. The card provides a robust platform for building credit and graduating to open-looped rewards credit cards in the future.

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