Barclays View Mastercard

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At a Glance

The Barclays View Mastercard is a basic rewards credit card that serves as a refresh to the old Barclaycard Financing Visa. The card offers enhanced rewards on dining, grocery, and streaming service purchases and 1X points on all other purchases – all for no annual fee.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Want a credit card with everyday value and basic reward categories
  • Subscribe to streaming servcies
  • Need access to special financing periods on select purchases
  • Don’t want to pay an annual fee

Barclays View Mastercard Review

The Barclays View Mastercard is a versatile rewards card that provides up to 3X points on purchases, special introductory financing, and more – all for no annual fee. The card is a replacement for the Barclaycard Financing Visa, a popular low APR card that helped finance purchases with major brands like Apple.

How to Earn Rewards

The Barclays View offers quality value on everyday purchases. The card earns 3X points on all dining purchases, including services like takeout and delivery via apps like UberEATS, GrubHub, DoorDash, Delivery Dudes, and more.

The View also earns 2X points on grocery store purchases, though this category is somewhat limited. Like other comparable cards, the groceries category excludes “box stores” – i.e., large department stores that also sell groceries, like Target, Walmart, and others. Fortunately, the View also earns 2x on streaming services, including a vast assortment of popular streaming options:

  • Apple TV
  • Apple Music
  • CBS All Access
  • Direct TV
  • ESPN Plus
  • Fubo TV
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • NFL Game Pass
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • NHL TV
  • Pandora
  • Showtime
  • Sirius XM
  • Sling TV
  • Spotify
  • Starz
  • Vudu
  • YouTube Premium
  • YouTube TV

All other purchases with the card earn a single point per dollar spent, with no limit on the total number of points earnable.  Points never expire as long as the account is open and in good standing.

How to Redeem Rewards

Barclays’ rewards program is undergoing a refresh, thanks to a renewed emphasis on proprietary rewards cards versus co-branded cards with major airlines, resorts, and other brands. Fortunately, this new refresh is offering greater redemption value to Barclays View Mastercard members.

Cardholders can redeem their points for several options, including cash back (as a direct deposit to an associated U.S. bank account), statement credits to offset the card bill or gift cards towards purchases with leading brands.

It should be noted that the company does not list travel as a redemption option. This option (or lack therefor) is certainly a letdown – and one Barclays would be wise to rectify.

Special Financing Options

The Barclaycard Financing Visa (also previously known as the Barclaycard Visa with Apple Rewards) was, at its heart, a card that provided special interest rates on select purchases. With the shift to a new rewards card, there was a fear that the new Barclays View Mastercard would lose the Barclaycard’s initial lure.

Fortunately, Barclays is keeping some features of the old Financing Visa. The Barclays View Mastercard offers limited-time offers to let cardholders enjoy deferred interest financing on purchases at select electronics retailers, like Apple, Best Buy®, and more, based on their account eligibility.

Other Card Features

Other notable features of the Barclays View Mastercard include:

Should You Apply for the Barclays View Mastercard?

Overall, the Barclays View Mastercard is a nice improvement on the old Barclaycard Financing Visa. The previous card offered special financing and basic points but only allowed redemptions for gift cards. On the other hand, the new card provides much greater value on everyday purchases and a more comprehensive range of award options.

The 3X on dining is a great feature, as is the 2X on groceries. The 2X points on streaming offer excellent value – especially for those who regularly use expensive services like NFL Sunday Ticket,, or TV services like Hulu, Fubo, and others.

The fact that Barclays is continuing the special financing feature of the Barclaycard is another great perk – and one that won’t make existing cardholders feel ripped off by an unforeseen product change.