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America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card

At a Glance

The America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card is a no-nonsense selection of three credit cards that offer great low interest rates, mediocre rewards (in two instances), and no annual fee. The cards are the mid-range offerings of leading credit Union, America First Credit Union in Utah and Nevada.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Prefer a low rate over great rewards
  • Want basic cash back and a competitive APR
  • Plan to carry a balance
  • Want to transfer an existing balance
  • Don’t want to pay an annual fee

America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card Review

The America First Credit Union Visa Platinum is a credit card range from a leading credit union, America First Credit Union. All of the cards (three in total) feature no annual fee and Visa Platinum protections.

Three Distinct Card Types

Like other offers from America First Credit Union, the Visa Platinum Card comes in three unique, somewhat distinct varieties:

America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Cash Back Card

The America First Cash Back Visa Platinum Card is a no annual fee rewards card with a flat, unlimited 1% cash back on all eligible purchases. One of the card’s excellent features is that users can choose when their cash back rewards are automatically deposited into their America First Credit Union savings or checking account.

America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Rewards Card

The America First Rewards Visa Platinum Card is like the Cash Back, only with points instead of cash back. Since rewards with America First are redeemable for various options (including cash back, merchandise, travel, etc.), there isn’t much difference between the two reward versions. The only significant distinction with the Rewards Card is the lack of a balance transfer fee.

America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Low Rate Card

The America First Low Rate Visa Platinum Card offers just that – a tremendous low APR every day. The typical APR varies depending on credit, but those with excellent credit can anticipate a rate of around 7% on purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances. That interest rate is among the lowest in the nation – and ideal for financing large purchases over time or carrying a balance. Other card features include no balance transfer fees and no annual fee.

Visa Platinum Benefits

Beyond no annual fee and the rewards or low rates, the America First CU credit cards don’t provide many benefits outside of what users can typically expect from a Visa product. The America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Cards are no different in this regard.

The cards feature the Visa Platinum (also known as Visa Classic or Visa Traditional) protections and benefits, including:

  • Roadside Dispatch: Pay-per-use, 24/7 towing and roadside assistance program.
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver: Receive collision and theft coverage when using Visa to pay for the entire cost of a car rental. 
  • Cardholder Inquiry Service: 24/7 access to Visa customer service representatives who can provide detailed information for members in all major languages.
  • Lost or Stolen Card Reporting and Emergency Card Replacement: Visa blocks stolen cards and connects users with their bank. Visa will work with the bank to get the users a replacement card or emergency cash disbursement within three business days. Conditions apply.
  • Zero Liability: Cardholders pay nothing if their card is subject to unauthorized use or theft.

Should You Apply for the America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card?

Overall, the America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Credit Card range offers a decent mix of great interest rates and basic rewards. While 1% cash back (or 1X points) isn’t exceptional, the interest rates are. Those with excellent credit can anticipate an APR significantly lower than the national average for similar cards, making the lackluster rewards more of an afterthought.

Those who prefer a great rate – and nothing else – will be extremely happy with the America First Credit Union Visa Platinum Low Rate Card. The APR with this card is among the best in the entire country. Sure, there are no introductory 0% APR offers or bonuses, but it is challenging to complain about this low rate. Even better, there are no fees for balance transfers.

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