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The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

Cory Santos

| Last updated on February 15th, 2024

The Owner's Rewards Card by M1

The Owner's Rewards Card by M1
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None Annual Fee

The Owner's Rewards Card by M1

  • 20.24% to 30.24% variable based on creditworthiness and the Prime Rate Regular Purchase APR

At a Glance

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 is a fintech credit card that offers cardmembers the chance to earn cash back – up to 10% for M1 Plus members and 1.5% for all other cardholders – on purchases with brands including Chewy, Spotify, Netflix, Tesla, and more.

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  • Rates & Fees
  • Why Should You Apply?
  • Earn cash back on everyday purchases with the Owner's Rewards Card by M1. Then, reinvest your rewards for long-term growth.
  • Get a baseline of 1.5% cash back on everyday purchases, and unlock higher rewards tiers of 2.5%, 5%, and 10% cash back with M1 Plus.
  • Use M1 automation to easily reinvest your rewards for long-term impact.
  • Integrate even more of your financial life in one place, while M1 helps you grow your wealth with everyday transactions.
  • Visa Signature® benefits including Zero Liability, exclusive experiences, and more.
  • The credit card for investors is here. Invest when you spend and build your wealth with everyday transactions.
  • There is no annual fee.
  • Your first three months of M1 Plus is free.* Get exclusive features and discounts to help you build your wealth.
  • Regular Purchase APR: 20.24% to 30.24% variable based on creditworthiness and the Prime Rate
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee: Up to $25
  • Return Payment Penalty Fee: Up to $37
  • You already have an M1 Plus account
  • You regularly invest and want a credit card that can build your wealth with everyday transactions
  • You shop at several leading brands that can earn you up to 10% cash back when you use the Owner’s Reward Card by M1
The Owner's Rewards Card by M1

The Owner's Rewards Card by M1

Terms & Conditions

In-Depth Review: The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 is a fintech rewards credit card that allows M1 Plus users to earn up to 10% cash back rewards with leading companies like Southwest, Uber, Ulta, and more. 

Who Can Benefit from the Owner’s Rewards Card?

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 is a great option for anyone looking to maximize their credit card rewards. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a shopaholic, or someone who prefers cashback, this card offers a range of redemption options to suit your preferences. With its competitive rewards rate and exclusive access to special events, the Owner’s Rewards Card is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to maximize their credit card rewards.

How to Get the Card


The Owners Rewards Card is available in all 50 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia. The program is unavailable for US Territory residents. The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 is Powered by Deserve and issued by Celtic Bank, a Utah-Chartered Industrial Bank, Member FDIC.

Credit Needed

The Owner’s Rewards Card is designed with consumers with excellent credit in mind. It’s important to note that M1 Credit Card follows a strict approval process, so make sure your credit score meets the eligibility criteria before applying.

M1 Benefits

The Owner’s Rewards Card comes with a host of benefits that make it stand out from other credit card rewards programs.

Streamlined Access to M1

One of the highlights of the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 is the ease of account management. Because the account lives with the existing M1 Invest, Spend*, and Borrow* ecosystem, M1 Credit allows clients to streamline their finances and focus on their investment goals.

Although having an M1 Plus membership is the main requirement, cardholders can still choose to hold stock in the companies they believe in, shop at those companies to earn rewards, and then reinvest their cash back to bolster their portfolio – a win-win-win!

M1 Plus Not Required – But Offers Enhanced Features

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 features no annual fee. This $0 annual fee entitles cardholders to the baseline 1.5% cash back on all eligible purchases. Earning rewards at the 2.5%, 5%, and 10% cash back levels requires M1 Plus membership.

M1 Plus members get an edge when investing, borrowing, and spending. New members can try M1 Plus free for the first three months, with the service costing $95 per year after the trial. Members can cancel anytime.

Plus members also enjoy access to a higher APY with the M1 Spend* account, a special edition of the M1 Spend Visa® Debit Card (including their choice of five unique metal card designs), and more, including:

  • 2% loans through M1 Borrow*. Members receive a 1.5% reduction on the base rate of M1 Borrow*, the firm’s portfolio line of credit.
  • Special afternoon trading window if the account has more than $25,000 in the investment portfolio

How to Earn Cash Back

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 features a streamlined cash back rewards system that provides greater value with M1 Plus. Cardholders earn a baseline of 1.5% cash back on everyday purchases, with higher rewards tiers of 2.5%, 5%, and 10% cash back with M1 Plus.

Previously, M1 Owner’s Rewards cardholders needed to own company shares to earn up to 10% cash back rewards on purchases. Now, that requirement is gone, with M1 Plus members earning the following accelerated rewards:

2.5% cash back 5% cash back 10% cash back
AT&T Apple Dominos Chipotle Adobe
Comcast HBO (WBD) Homegoods FedEx Netflix
Doordash Lyft Mcdonald’s KFC Ulta
Spectrum T Mobile Purple Pizza Hut AMC Theaters
United Airlines Airbnb Bell logo Sierra Peloton
BP Chevron Wayfair TJ Maxx DropBox
Duane Reade Home Depot Chewy Converse Stitch Fix
Mobil Sprint Etsy GameStop Lulu Lemon
Texaco Verizon Homesense Marshalls Spotify
American Airlines Best Buy Nike Popeyes
Delta Ebay Reverb Starbucks
Jet Blue Postmates Tim Horton’s Burger King
Target Uber UPS
Walgreens Amoco
Caviar Discover+
Exxon Lowes
Southwest Tesla

Cash back rewards with M1 are subject to a maximum aggregate award amount of $200/month. No rewards are earned after reaching the $200 cap. This is a frustrating feature but will only cause problems for those who regularly place considerable amounts of spending on their credit cards every month. The $200 cap, for example, would only come into play after $13,500 in spending (please note this excludes any M1 bonus categories).

Before applying, always review the cardholder agreement and rewards terms and conditions for important information about the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1.

How to Redeem Rewards

M1 automatically loads cash back rewards onto the linked M1 account. Rewards are automatically loaded to the cardholder’s M1 Invest or M1 Spend account (per the account holder’s direction) for use on the M1 platform. M1 retirement, trust, or any custodial accounts are ineligible.

Cash back is transferable to M1 Spend accounts or an external checking account. M1 is neither responsible nor liable for any Rewards transfer made to an external checking account by users. Rewards never expire.

Other Card Benefits

As a Visa® Signature product, the M1 Owner’s Rewards Card offers an elevated level of protection and luxury for cardholders, including:

Zero Fraud Liability Cardholder Inquiry Services Emergency Card Replacement Luxury Hotel Collection Extended Warranty Coverage
Roadside Dispatch Lost/Stolen Card Reporting ID Navigator from Norton Travel & Emergency Assistance

Cardholders also enjoy a sleek metal card design and EMV chip technology. EMV technology adds a layer of security to the card. It allows for payment options with tap-to-pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay for a contactless shopping experience.


Here is how the M1 credit card stacks up against another investor credit card, the Schwab Investor Card® from American Express:

The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1 Schwab Investor Card®
Rewards Get a baseline of 1.5% cash back on everyday purchases, and unlock higher rewards tiers of 2.5%, 5%, and 10% cash back with M1 Plus Earn an unlimited 1.5% cash back automatically deposited into your eligible Schwab account for purchases made with your Card
Network Visa Signature benefits including Zero Liability, exclusive experiences, and more Amex 24/7 dining and events assitance
Annual fee $0 $0

Insider Tips to Get the Most from M1

Experienced Owner’s Rewards Card users have discovered a few insider tips to help you get the most out of your card.

 First and foremost, always keep an eye out for limited-time promotions and offers. M1 Credit Card often partners with merchants and service providers to offer exclusive discounts and bonus point opportunities. By staying informed and taking advantage of these promotions, you can maximize your rewards and save money simultaneously.

Another tip is to review and update your rewards preferences regularly. The Owner’s Rewards Card allows you to customize your rewards based on your preferences. For example, if you prefer travel rewards, you can allocate a higher percentage of your points towards that category. By regularly reviewing and adjusting your preferences, you can maximize the value of your rewards.

What We Love About the M1 Owner’s Rewards Card

No Annual Fee

Previously, M1 required an active subscription to M1 Plus membership that costs $125 per year. Now, applicants can apply for and receive the M1 Owner’s Rewards Card with no annual fee – regardless of whether they have an active M1 Plus subscription.

Things to Consider

When considering applying for the Owner’s Rewards Card by M1, it’s important to take into account your spending habits and financial goals. Assess whether the card’s rewards structure aligns with your preferences and if the sign-up bonus is worth the potential annual fee. Review the redemption options available to ensure they suit your needs and consider any potential restrictions that may apply.

M1 Ratings

How does the Owner’s Rewards Card stack up? Here is a selection of expert reviews for the card:

Should You Apply for The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1?

The card offers quite a lot of oomph for current M1 Invest customers, especially those with an existing M1 Plus membership. The card earns up to 10% back on purchases with an impressive array of retailers, including GameStop, Netflix, Spotify, and Tesla. Even better, the card earns accelerated cash back (5% and 2.5%) on an even longer list of retailers – making it an ideal option for those looking to spend every day and pump those rewards back into their M1 Invest account.

While the $95 Plus annual membership fee might be off-putting (currently available free for the first three months), it does provide access to myriad other benefits, including up to 3% APY. Add to that Visa Signature benefits, and you have a fintech and investment rewards credit card that more than holds its own against any competition.

Other Credit Card Options:

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