GoHenry Card

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Last updated on April 27th, 2023

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GoHenry Card

GoHenry Card
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GoHenry Card

At a Glance

The GoHenry card is a debit card created for kids and teens to start learning and taking control of their finances. Designed for both children and parents to be involved in setting goals, controlling spending, and building good habits, it also features benefits such as setting chores and managing a savings account.

  • Best Benefits
  • Rates & Fees
  • Why Should You Apply?
  • Flexible parental controls such as setting spending limits and being able to choose where the child's card is used
  • Chores can be set up in-app and checked off when they're completed
  • The GoHenry app offers a savings account option where savings goals can be set by cardholders and parents can lock and unlock
  • Real-time updates via the app to know when, where, and how much children are spending
  • All accounts are FDIC-insured with no risk of overdraft
  • Minimum Deposit Required: $2.00
  • You have children or teenagers and are interested in teaching them about how to manage their finances and budget effectively
  • You want a card where you can control your kids' spending and allowance
  • You're interested in setting up a savings account for your child with flexible goals and target dates
  • You want to reward your kids for completing chores via a streamlined banking app experience

GoHenry Card Review

The GoHenry debit card and associated financial literacy app is a prepaid debit card and allowance/chore app for teens and parents. The money management system makes learning about money fun by providing a slew of engaging and interactive tasks.

Designed for Kids of All Ages

The GoHenry app isn’t just for teens. The program is crafted with kids aged 6 through 17 in mind, with unique materials and guides for each age range. This broad age range highlights the effectiveness of the GoHenry program, as it is designed to grow with your kids.

The app itself provides everything a parent would want from a bank for kids. GoHenry teaches kids and teens how to be independent and smart with money by helping them track their spending, budgets, savings goals, and more—all with support and guidance from parents.

Here’s a quick list of the features of GoHenry:

Savings Checking Direct deposits Split pay bill pay
Money Missions Educational videos Financial literacy articles Set goals

Teach Financial Responsibility with Money Missions

The GoHenry app stands out from the rest thanks to its impressive interactive content. Kids learn financial literacy and responsibility thanks to beautifully designed visuals, engaging videos, and easy-to-digest articles designed to boost their financial skills.

Kids also have access to “Money Missions.” These missions are side quests for your kids, with badges, points, and other rewards helping them advance through the game’s levels. Even better, these missions are specially designed by educators and financial experts. Money missions are crafted to meet K–12 Personal Finance Education National Standards.

Full Parental Controls

What’s great about GoHenry is its full slate of parental controls. Parents have access to not only the automated allowances and chore funding found with other apps but also the ability to set limits by three metrics: day, week, and month. Parents can also block merchants or spending categories and apply spending limits for purchases and ATM withdrawals.

GoHenry lets parents add a second parent to get notifications and manage the chore lists. This great feature lets parents cooperate and monitor their kids’ financial journey in real-time.

What Does GoHenry Cost?

As with other kids’ debit card programs, GoHenry has associated fees. Plans start as low as $4.99 per month, with a 30-day free trial available. That $4.99 fee ($59.88 per year) is for one account only. Fortunately, families with multiple kids don’t need to shell out multiple monthly subscriptions. GoHenry offers a family tier, with up to 4 kids covered for only $9.98 monthly ($119.76 per year) – a great savings.

Choose from 45+ Designs

Like other debit cards for kids, GoHenry offers a huge assortment of card designs to select from. Kids have more than 45 designs to select from, with collaborations, sports, and other cool designs to choose from. Remember that selecting a premium card design costs a one-time fee of $4.99.

Equally cool is the ability to add your name to the card design. While the card uses the name “GoHenry,” your child’s card will have their first name (GoJohn, GoLisa, etc.). That is an additional layer of design that will turn heads at school.

Other Card Features

Other notable features of the GoHenry app for kids include:

  • FDIC-insured accounts up to $250,000
  • Real-time spending notifications
  • Chip and PIN-protected transactions
  • Secure PIN recovery in the app
  • Bank-level encryption

Kids also enjoy Mastercard debit card protections, including Zero Liability Protection by Mastercard®.

GoHenry Ratings

Wondering if the GoHenry card and app are right for your family? Here is a selection of expert ratings for the service:

Should You Apply for the GoHenry Mastercard Debit Card for Teens?

So, is GoHenry the answer to your financial education concerns? If you have multiple children, yes. The platform is intelligently designed and attractive, ensuring kids stay engaged. Adding Money Missions is another great feature, as it focuses on fun and games – and not mundane and boring money lessons.

Parents have a lot to like about GoHenry, too. The app interface has parents in mind and provides a full suite of tools to monitor your child’s spending (and earning) to make sure they aren’t spending their money irresponsibly. These tools make it simple to quickly teach kids financial lessons and keep them engaged for years to come.

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