New AAdvantage Changes for 2022 Announced

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Last updated on April 25th, 2023

Big changes are instore for the AAdvantage frequent flyer program. The program will refine how and when members earn base miles, with a new Loyalty Points system being introduced to streamline earning elite tier statuses within the program. Here’s everything you need to know about the new changes to the American Airlines AAdvantage program for 2022:

American Airlines Outlines Changes to AAdvantage Program for 2022

American Airlines has unveiled changes to its AAdvantage frequent flyer program for 2022. The new changes mark a dramatic change from the previous miles earning system, which American Airlines states uncomplicates elite qualifying metrics, with one qualifying AAdvantage® mile earned equals one Loyalty Point.

As noted, the new AAdvantage program operates on both AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points. Members can earn base miles on various purchases, including American Airlines fares, baggage, and other purchases, through AAdvantage Dining, AAdvantage eShopping, SimplyMiles, and more.

Flying with American Airlines and Partner Carriers

Flying with American is the most straightforward way to earn AAdvantage miles and Loyalty Points. Members earn five base AAdvantage miles for every dollar spent on American fares and purchases. Since 5X miles also equals 5X Loyalty Points, flying with American Airlines can quickly accelerate members towards elite status.

Elite statuses carry miles boosters, with higher tiers earning more miles/Points on every purchase. Here are the Point bonuses for AAdvantage elite tier members starting in 2022:

  • Gold: 40% bonus
  • Platinum: 60% bonus
  • Platinum Pro: 80% bonus
  • Executive Platinum: 120% bonus

These boosters provide ample opportunity for reaching/ retaining elite tiers within the AAdvantage program. Executive Platinum members, for instance, can earn up to 11X Loyalty Points on American-operated flights.

Flying with American Airlines codeshare partners, including Oneworld Alliance partners, also earns miles/ Loyalty Points. Members will earn miles/Points at the same rate as previously, with elite status bonuses also applying to partner-operated flights.

Earning with AAdvantage Credit Cards

Credit cards

are a popular method for accruing AAdvantage miles. Citi and Barclays currently issue a range of personal and small business credit cards co-branded with American Airlines, many of which offer accelerated miles in select bonus categories.

In 2022, AAdvantage credit cardholders will earn one Loyalty Point for every base mile earned on their card. Using an eligible card to make purchases in a bonus spending category (such as 2X AAdvantage miles per $1 spent at grocery stores with the Citi American Airlines AAdvantage® MileUp Mastercard®) only earns Loyalty Points on the base earning rate (so, the 2X on groceries would earn one Loyalty Point per dollar spent, not two). Additionally, welcome bonuses do not count as Loyalty Points

Earning with Other Activities

While spending with credit cards and flights is set ins tone, American Airlines is still fine tuning the base miles/ Loyalty Point earning with other partners. Spending with AAdvantage Dining, AAdvantage eShopping, and SimplyMiles apply towards Loyalty Points, with each dollar spent resulting in one Loyalty Point.

With other partners, however, the situation is less specific. Hotel partners, booking portals, and other third-party activities have not been fully hashed out, with American noting that members need to “stay tuned” for further updates.

The new AAdvantage program is set to launch at the beginning of 2022.

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