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How to Extend Kroger Fuel Rewards for An Extra Month

Kroger is allowing customers to extend the life of their Kroger Fuel Rewards Points – but only if they call soon. Here’s what you need to know to extend your Kroger Fuel Points for another month:

Extend the Shelf-Life of Kroger Fuel Rewards

Kroger Fuel Points offer excellent value – but expire at the end of the month after the one in which users earn them. Because of their short shelf-life, time is of the essence for those who regularly shop at the Kroger Family of Brands and enjoy earning Fuel Rewards points.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), Kroger has been extending the expiration date of its customers’ Fuel Rewards points. Initially, the offer ran through June, but now Kroger is extending the offer through August.

How to Roll Over Kroger Fuel Rewards for Another Month

To extend Kroger Fuel Rewards for an additional month, members need to call Kroger at (800) 576-4377 before the end of July. If a customer has Fuel Points with another Kroger brand, including names like QFC, Pick N’ Save, and Ralph’s, they must call their brand’s helpline.

After calling the appropriate Kroger helpline, customers must select “Option 3” for Fuel Points inquiries and ask to speak directly with a representative. They can then ask for their points to roll over to the next month.

Keep in mind that users must call Kroger before the end of the current month. Once the current month ends, rewards will expire.

About Kroger

Kroger is one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, with over a dozen brands operating 2,750 grocery stores across the U.S. Popular names that make up the Kroger Family of Companies include Kroger, Fry’s, Fred Meyer, Dillons, QFC, Copps, and Ralphs.

Kroger offers a variety of prepaid debit cards and co-branded credit cards. The credit cards, issued through U.S. Bank, allow customers to earn additional rewards when buying groceries at Kroger brands, or when filling up their vehicles at eligible Kroger gas stations.

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