UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic Credit Card

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Last updated on November 1st, 2021

UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic Credit Card

UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic Credit Card
  • Regular Purchase APR 11.24% to 18.49% variable based on creditworthiness
  • Cash Advance APR 11.24% to 18.49% variable based on creditworthiness
  • Annual Fee None
  • Credit NeededBestCards.com uses a variation of FICO Score 8, which is one of many different types of credit scores. A financial institution may use a different score when deciding whether to approve you for a credit card.
    Good , Fair
  • Intro Purchase APR 5.49% to 13.99% for 6 months from account opening date
  • Processing Network Visa
Best Benefits
  • No annual fee
  • Low Introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers
  • No fees on balance transfers and cash advances
  • No foreign transaction fee
Rates & Fees
  • Intro Purchase APR: 5.49% to 13.99% for 6 months from account opening date
  • Regular Purchase APR: 11.24% to 18.49% variable based on creditworthiness
  • Cash Advance APR: 11.24% to 18.49% variable based on creditworthiness
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee: Up to $25
  • Return Payment Penalty Fee: Up to $25
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UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic Credit Card

UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic Credit Card

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At a Glance

The UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic credit card offers cardholders some great benefits, like no annual fees and zero fees for balance transfers and cash advances. Cardholders can also take advantage of a low introductory interest rate on purchases and balance transfers. This is in addition to UNIFY’s standard interest rates, which are competitive in and of themselves.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Don’t want to pay an annual fee
  • Want zero fees on cash advances and foreign transactions
  • Are interested in a low introductory APR for balance transfers and purchases
  • Are interested in overdraft protection

UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic Credit Card Review

The UNIFY fixed-rate classic Visa® card is a great basic credit card for consumers who like the security of knowing exactly what their APR will be. UNIFY offers competitive rates plus no annual fee. Additionally, cardholders can take advantage of an attractive introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases, as well as no fees for cash advances and foreign transactions.

Keep More of Your Money with No Fees

The UNIFY classic Visa® never charges an annual fee. What’s more, cardholders never have to pay any fees for cash advances, and cash advances incur the same APR as regular purchases. International travelers will enjoy the fact that there are no foreign transaction fees, either, meaning you can freely use your credit card when you travel abroad without worrying about added charges.

Low Introductory APR

The UNIFY fixed-rate classic card offers cardholders a specialty introductory interest rate on both cash advances and purchases. This introductory APR (just like the regular APR) varies depending on the applicant’s creditworthiness, but it is generally about four percentage points lower than the regular interest rate.

This promotional interest rate applies to any purchases made within the first six months from the date of opening a new account. As of the seventh month, the regular APR applies to all purchases you make on the Visa® classic card.

This special APR also applies to balance transfers made within the first 12 months from the date of opening an account. Cardholders will need to pay off that balance within those 12 months or any unpaid balance will revert to the regular interest rate.

Credit Limits

The UNIFY Visa® Classic credit card has a $4,999 maximum credit limit. This is the lowest credit limit offered on UNIFY’s credit cards apart from the Visa® Share Secured card. Keep in mind that this figure represents the maximum amount of credit you can have on this card and is not a guarantee. Applicants may qualify for lower credit limits depending on their creditworthiness.

Additional Perks

All UNIFY cards offer an overdraft protection option, which is intended as a safeguard in case a cardholder is overdrawn on his or her checking account. If a cardholder opts for this service, UNIFY will transfer funds from the credit card to the cardholder’s overdrawn checking account so that the checking account is no longer in the red. It is very important to remember that UNIFY treats these transfers as cash advances. While cardholders are not responsible for paying a cash advance fee, the transfer will incur the cash advance APR rate. Keep in mind that a cardholder will need to have a checking account with UNIFY in order to qualify for this perk

Cardholders also receive Visa® auto rental collision damage waiver. This benefit serves as additional coverage on rental cars when cardholders use their Visa® to reserve and pay for their rental.

Should You Apply for the UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic Credit Card Review

The UNIFY Fixed-Rate Visa® Classic Credit Card is the fixed-rate version of UNIFY’s most basic credit card. It is ideal for consumers who may just be starting to use credit cards but may not want or need a secured credit card, which UNIFY also offers.

The lower maximum credit limit may be helpful for younger consumers, like those just entering the workforce, as it can prevent them from accumulating massive amounts of credit card debt. If you need to make many larger purchases or plan to use your credit card as your primary method of payment, this may not be the card for you. Instead, you may be interested in UNIFY’S gold and platinum options.

The fixed rate option is great if you like to keep a steady APR while you have the account open. You may be paying slightly more in interest compared to the variable-rate classic Visa®, but the difference is only a couple of percentage points. Coupled with this card’s lower maximum credit limit, this detail shouldn’t really deter you from applying to this card.

If you are looking for a credit card with a lot of extra perks and rewards, this may not be the card for you. As stated previously, this is a basic credit card that is ideal for building credit and raising one’s credit score.

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