National Bank of Arizona AmaZing Rate® Credit Card

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Last updated on February 28th, 2023

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At a Glance

The National Bank of Arizona AmaZing Rate® Credit Card is a no-frills personal credit card that focuses on saving money, rather than rewards programs and other perks. Its low rates make it ideal for someone who plans to carry a balance due to large purchases, or who is looking for a balance transfer.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Are likely to carry a balance from month to month
  • Want a credit card with no annual fee
  • Will take advantage of an introductory APR period by making one or more large purchases, or by transferring existing debt
  • Want Visa benefits like Visa Zero Liability and Auto Rental Insurance for added shopping protection

National Bank of Arizona AmaZing Rate® Credit Card Review

The National Bank of Arizona (NB|AZ) offers several great credit card options both for businesses and individuals, and the NB|AZ AmaZing Rate Credit Card is no exception. It offers consumers who are planning to make large purchases or transfer a large balance to their new account the opportunity to save beaucoup bucks thanks to a very low regular interest rate in addition to its introductory APR promotion.

A Great Low Interest Rate

The National Bank of Arizona AmaZing Rate® Credit Card has the lowest interest rate of all the credit cards offered by NB|AZ. As its name implies, it features an APR that is highly competitive. Although the exact rate that is assigned to each applicant upon approval will be dependent on their creditworthiness, cardholders who have exemplary credit can expect to enjoy an interest rate that as approximately 4% or 5% below the national average for personal credit cards.  Even if your credit is less-than-stellar, if you’re approved for the card, there’s a very good chance that you’ll still enjoy an interest rate that is – as the card’s name implies – AmaZing when compared to the APRs from larger issuers’ cards for people with poor credit.

What if I Carry a Balance?

A low interest rate benefits anyone who is looking to save their money while still enjoying the benefits of a credit card. It’s particularly useful for folks who regularly carry their balance from month to month. Interest charges are accrued when you only make a partial payment to the amount due on your statement each billing cycle. It stands to reason that, if you carry a balance, you’ll save money with a credit card that features a lower interest rate than with a card that imposes a higher APR – and this is what the AmaZing Rate Credit Card from NB|AZ is designed to help cardholders do.

How to Take Advantage of an Introductory APR

The low interest rates of the National Bank of Arizona Amazing Rate® Card are further complemented thanks to two introductory APR offers.  For purchases, cardholders who plan to buy a big-ticket item using their new card right away will enjoy 0% interest for the first six billing cycles after opening their account. If a big purchase like new furniture, a new computer, or a vacation package is in the cards for your near future, this introductory APR can help you save money by avoiding interest charges. Similarly, cardholders who would like to transfer an existing balance to their new credit card can avoid costly interest charges on debt from other cards by taking advantage of an APR of 0% for the first twelve months. This special interest rate only applies to balance transfers made within the first 90 days that the account is open. Depending on the size of the balance you’re transferring, a full year with no interest charges can save you a lot of money, especially if you pay down the remaining balance in full before the introductory APR period ends.  As an additional incentive for savings, the NB|AZ AmaZing Rate® Card does not charge an annual fee. Cardholders can track their spending, and their savings, by logging into their account.

Cardholder Benefits

The NB|AZ’s AmaZing Rewards Credit Card is accompanied by a suite of great cardholder benefits and protections, including some of Visa®’s most popular security features. These include:

  • Purchase Alerts
  • Emergency Card replacement and emergency cash disbursement
  • Travel Accident Insurance
  • Auto Rental Insurance
  • Visa Zero Liability
  • myPHOTOcard® (Pick the design you’d like to use for your credit card or design your own using a picture that shows your personality. Cardholders can choose anything they’d like – their favorite animation character or superhero, a photo of their dog or their cat, or even a picture of themselves. Customizing and personalizing your credit card is free the first time. Each additional card or design will cost $4.95.)

Comparing AmaZing Credit Cards

There are several banks across the country that issue cards that share the AmaZing name, including California Bank and TrustVectra Bank, and Zions Bank. Each iteration of the AmaZing Rate® Card is issued by a bank in a different state, and they all share the same features and bonuses – so how do you know which is the best fit for you?  Although the answer ultimately comes to personal preference, geographic location is also important to consider. NB|AZ serves the state of Arizona, with branches across that state. Similarly, California Bank and Trust serves residents of California, Vectra serves Colorado residents, and Zions is based in Utah. Having physical access to a bank can be critical for cardholders, particularly if they want to use an ATM, so living in the same geographic region as the issuing bank is important. There are national banks that also issue similar credit cards. Issuers like Discover and American Express serve consumers across the country and do not have physical branches of their own, like many of these smaller banks do.

Should You Apply for the National Bank of Arizona AmaZing Rate® Credit Card from National Bank of Arizona?   

Like most low APR credit cards, the National Bank of Arizona AmaZing Rate Card is a good option if carrying a balance between monthly statements. An introductory APR period will help maximize savings for cardholders who budget beforehand and make a plan to pay off most, if not all, of their balance transfer or large purchases during the intro period. As a simple and easy-to-use financial tool, it’s worth considering – especially if you are a resident of Arizona. For cardholders who don’t live in Arizona or who would prefer a credit card from a national issuer, Discover offers several credit cards that feature a low standard APR. While the interest rates for the Discover it® Cash Back and the Discover it® Chrome Gas & Restaurants cards are slightly higher than those offered by NB|AZ with the AmaZing Rate® Card, the difference is not more than 2% or so. This means that the Discover cards, with their rewards programs, are comparable – and competitive. Anyone who wants to earn rewards from their everyday spending will want to consider a rewards credit card with a low APR.  Despite its simplicity, the National Bank of Arizona AmaZing Rate® Card is certainly a financial tool which will stack up the savings for cardholders who use it properly. 

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