Divvy Card

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At a Glance

The Divvy Card is a corporate business card for companies that want a corporate card’s flexibility but the rewards of a traditional business rewards card. The card prioritizes good financial habits by maximizing rewards for companies that pay early and often.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Hate hidden fees
  • Want a corporate card that offers enforceable employee spending limits
  • Want unlimited virtual cards
  • Spend heavily on travel, dining, and software

Divvy Corporate Business Card Review

The Divvy Corporate Business Card is a corporate credit card that promises no fees, scalable credit lines, enforceable budgets, and more.  The card is issued through fintech startup, Divvy and MVB Bank of West Virginia.

No Personal Guaranteed Requirement

Like the Brex Card, the Divvy Card does not require a personal guarantee to open.  A personal guarantee is a standard feature for business credit cards and makes an applicant accept personal liability for the company’s debts. Because the Divvy Card removes this security requirement, business owners can feel safe knowing that opening a credit line through Divvy and MVB Bank will not tie their business’ losses to their own credit.

East, Fast Approval

Fintech credit cards are great at streamlining the application process. This benefit is especially advantageous for businesses, as traditional credit lines take time – and a deep dive into corporate finances.

The Divvy Card operates a fast application process that requires only six steps and may result in a near-instant underwriting (depending upon the business’s cash supply and income). Divvy also operates several different underwriting forms, making it easy for companies to find a bespoke credit line for their unique needs.

The Brex Card, on the other hand, requires businesses have at least $50,000 in cash reserves before opening an account. Of course, Divvy does not make their cash reserve requirements publicly known, so it may not differ from Brex significantly.

Scalable Credit and Enforceable Spending

Divvy is similar to Brex in its scalable credit lines as well. Companies can anticipate credit limit increases as their cash reserves grow through seamless integration with Divvy expense management software.

Because the card operates through the expense management software, system administrators can issue multiple employee cards (including unlimited virtual cards) and then set strict spending limits per employee and card.

How to Earn Rewards

Cards like the Divvy Card tend to provide varying rewards based on specific criteria. For Divvy, that measure is how often a business pays off its balance.

Companies earn rewards based on their repayment schedule, with shorter payment cycles returning greater rewards:

  • Weekly Payments:
    • 7X points on dining
    • 5X on hotels
    • 2X on recurring software subscriptions
    • 5X on all other purchases
  • Bi-Weekly Payments:
    • 4X points on dining
    • 3X on hotels
    • 75X on recurring software subscriptions
    • 1X on all other purchases
  • Monthly Payments:
    • 2X points on dining
    • 2X on hotels
    • 5X on recurring software subscriptions
    • 1X on all other purchases

Redeeming rewards with Divvy is straightforward. Rewards points are redeemable for Divvy Travel (powered by TripActions), statement credits, gift cards, or cash back

Should You Apply for the Divvy Corporate Business Card?

Corporate cards are a unique subset of business credit cards that offer greater versatility for larger companies. Within this market, the Divvy Card is an enticing offer.

The Divvy Corporate Business Card compares favorably with other options (most notably the Brex Card) but lacks some of the transparency that comes from other cards in the same market, like the Ink Business Unlimited or Amex Business Platinum Cards.  Fortunately, Divvy offers a hands-on approach through a dedicated customer service team.

Overall, the Divvy Card ticks many of the critical boxes for a corporate business card. There are impressive rewards, scalable credit lines, and integration with management software. The lack of a personal guarantee is another great feature – as is the promise of no hidden fees.