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Bethpage Mastercard® Low Rate Credit Card

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At a Glance

The Bethpage Mastercard® Low Rate Credit Card offers an extremely low introductory interest rate for the first 12 months after a cardholder has opened his or her account. The regular APR is also potentially low for cardholders with good credit histories. Additionally, cardholders benefit from zero annual fees, balance transfer fees, and foreign transaction fees. Read more to learn about this card’s attractive features.

Ideal for Those Who:

    • Want a competitively low introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers
    • Don’t want to pay an annual fee
    • Like not having to pay balance transfer fees or foreign transaction fees

Bethpage Mastercard® Low Rate Credit Card Review

Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s Low Rate Mastercard is an ideal credit card for consumers who are looking for a low introductory APR for balance transfers or purchases. There are no annual fees associated with this card, and cardholders also benefit from zero fees on foreign transactions and balance transfers.

The Lowest APR that Bethpage Offers

The Low Rate Mastercard provides cardholders with the lowest interest rate of Bethpage’s credit card offerings. Applicants can be approved for as little as 9.90% APR, depending on their creditworthiness. However, interest rates can be as high as 23.90%, which may not make this card as good of a deal if you don’t have the best credit history. The only way to know what APR you’ll be approved for is to apply for this credit card

A Low Introductory APR for Everyone

Even if you don’t get approved for a low regular interest rate, the Low Rate Mastercard offers a competitively low introductory APR. Cardholders can take advantage of this low interest rate for the first 12 months from the date of opening a new account. What’s great about this promotion is that this 12-month introductory APR applies to purchases, balance transfers, and even convenience checks.

This makes the Low Rate Card particularly appealing to people who want to pay off a credit card balance from a high-interest card. This credit card is also great for making large purchases, such as furnishing a home.

The fact that Bethpage extends this low APR to convenience checks means that cardholders can use their credit cards to pay for services that provide discounts for paying in cash or check or may not accept credit cards. This often applies to home repair contractors, landscapers, and other labor.

Do keep in mind, though, that Bethpage charges a fee for convenience checks. If you needed to write a convenience check of $9,000 for roof repairs, for instance, you would be paying an additional $270 in fees for that check on top of interest. This can end up being well over $500 in additional charges. It may be best to see if whoever you are paying accepts credit cards before rushing to write a convenience check.

Keep More of Your Money with No Fees

There is no annual fee for using the Bethpage Low Rate Mastercard. This is one of two Bethpage credit cards that charges no annual fee. The Low Rate Card also charges no balance transfer fees. This way, you can really take advantage of the introductory interest rate to transfer over a balance from a higher-interest credit card.

Additionally, cardholders never have to worry about foreign transaction fees with the Bethpage Low Rate card. If you pair this feature with the low introductory APR, you can have a nice international shopping spree in your first year of holding the account without incurring a lot of extra debt.

Should You Apply for the Bethpage Mastercard® Low Rate Credit Card?

The Bethpage Low Rate Mastercard has some features that would make this card appealing for a particular type of consumer. This credit union offers a wide APR range – about 14 percentage points. If you have a good credit rating, you may qualify for one of the lower interest rates, which are competitive. However, the higher interest rates may only appeal to consumers who may not qualify for other credit cards.

Nevertheless, the low introductory APR on this card can be very attractive to consumers and has a range of only two percentage points. This means that regardless of your creditworthiness, you may come away with an introductory interest rate that can save you some money.

This card is ideal for people who want to pay off a credit card balance from a high-interest credit card, as they can take advantage of no balance transfer fees and the low introductory APR for 12 months. Additionally, this is a great credit card for those who need to make large purchases that they intend to pay off within 12 months. Unless you get approved for a low regular APR, it might be best to close this account once the introductory period expires, as you might qualify for lower interest rates with another credit card.

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