Commonly Unknown Credit Card Perks

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Last updated on September 20th, 2023

Between cash back, reward points, and earned miles you may be blind-sighted at the fact that some credit cards have additional features not commonly bragged about. The truth is that those commonly unknown credit card perks can be your added peace of mind.

Obscure Credit Card Perks

Most of the commonly unknown credit card perks on our list are better suited for travel plans. However, some will grant you extra protections for your purchases. Keep an eye out for these commonly unknown credit card perks the next time you’re on the hunt for a new credit card.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance

Believe it or not, some credit cards offer insurance on canceled trips. When traveling anything can happen. Emergencies like sickness or weather conditions have the potential to completely cancel a planned trip. With trip cancellation and interruption insurance, cardholders can have some peace of mind if their non-refundable passenger fare gets canceled, because with this credit card perk you get reimbursed for your canceled or interrupted flight. The original purchase of your fare must be done with a said credit card to be covered. Always check with your credit card issuer for restrictions, limitations, and exclusions as these rules vary with different issuers.

Priority Boarding and Free Checked Bag

Most convenient for a smoother travel experience (and less pricey), there are credit cards that offer priority boarding and a free checked bag as benefits. Use a credit card with priority boarding perks and be among the first groups to board a flight. Conveniently board your plane and store your carry-ons in the overhead space without having to deal with making space for your bags. In addition, a free checked bag goes a long way to save money on an added expense.

Luggage Protection

Ever experiences the fear of losing your luggage while traveling? That is where the luggage protection credit card benefit works magic. While losing your luggage is not a happy moment, with luggage protection you can at least get reimbursed for valuables you may have been traveling with. Typically, this feature has a reimbursement limit dependent on the card issuer’s terms. Make sure to read through them to be in the know of how this card benefit works.

Airport Lounge Access

The airport lounge access may be the most popular on our list of commonly unknown credit card perks. Access to the perk typically includes access to the card issuers exclusive lounge, if any. Otherwise, the card issuer may include membership for services offered through companies like Priority Pass. If you’re not familiar with Priority Pass, understand that it is a membership for airport lounge access. Priority Pass has over 1,300 airport lounges ready to help travelers avoid crowds and help themselves to convenient amenities like wi-fi, lounge areas, showers, and more.

Auto Rental Insurance

Also known as auto rental collision damage waiver, this credit card perk can help cover the costs of insurance at the car rental counter. This credit card benefit can help you save money on your car rental. Learn everything you need to know about credit card rental car insurance here.

Extra Protection Credit Card Perks

We can’t leave these next three perks off our list. They too provide added protections with the use of your credit card.

Additional Protection Perks include:

  • Cell Phone Protections
  • Purchase Protection
  • Extended warranties

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