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Last updated on August 14th, 2020

Though the average cost of a wedding ranges from a few thousand dollars to six-figures and beyond, the clever use of credit cards can save you money on wedding expenses at any budget. You may have your heart set on a specific dress or destination for your big day, and if you do, using a credit card can help keep some of those wedding costs down. Here are seven ways to save at your wedding with credit cards:

1. Buying the Ring

Finding the right wedding ring to impress your partner is nearly as intimidating as popping the question. Whether spending three months’ salary or going the more modest route, using a 0% intro APR credit card to buy your engagement ring and wedding bands gives you the opportunity to pay for these accessories over an extended period of time. Buying your rings with a 0% intro APR credit card will give you the opportunity to stay within your budget during the initial parts of the wedding planning process, which is also helpful as it’s likely you’ll have a host of other essential expenses to purchase. Such as…

2. Dress to Impress

It’s likely that the wedding dress or tuxedo you’ll wear on your wedding day will be worn more than once. Aside from the main ceremony itself, these fine garments may be worn for wedding pictures or saved with the intention to renew your vows years from now. When you finally say yes to the dress, you have multiple credit card options to minimize the immediate impact of these purchases. You can opt for a 0% introductory APR credit card as you would for a ring in order to pay it off over time or use a credit card with high cash back rewards to funnel some of those funds right back into your wedding budget. For fashion accessories and wedding party gifts, rather than paying premium prices at a bridal shop, consider credit cards from department stores to maximize rewards points that can help cut down on other costs. Every penny counts!

3. Flower Power

Flowers can account for a sizable portion of your budget and are an industry onto their own. The nation’s largest home improvement stores offer credit cards that can save you money on initial purchases and earn you points to save on household supplies in the future. Couples planning on making renovations to their home following the wedding may want to make as many purchases with these in-store cards as they can to save on material costs, as updating even the smallest of bathrooms doesn’t come cheap. Many flower vendors require deposits of up to 50% or more for wedding arrangements. This makes sense to put on a credit card.

4. Reserving the Venues

Slashing your guest list is a tough but effective way to save on your wedding spending. So is finding a venue that doesn’t completely derail your personal finances. Perhaps you and your partner want to keep things local and intimate at a small chapel with your closest friends and family or go big and organize a destination wedding. Either way, it’s a budget-friendly move to choose a less popular day to say your vows. This is especially if it’s not during the season where other couples tend to set their wedding dates. It’s a good idea to reserve the venue for your wedding with your credit card just in case bad weather or illness suddenly strikes. By reserving your venue using your credit card, depending on the contract you sign, you may be able to recoup some of those costs if something unexpected happens.

5. A Reception to Remember

Many people need to get paid on your wedding day to keep everything running smoothly. Caterers and bands need to get paid whatever their deposits didn’t cover, as do photographers and videographers in charge of photo booths and capturing memories. Select rewards credit cards offer higher cash back percentages on dining and entertainment purchases, as well as a hefty sign-up bonus and additional points if a certain spending threshold is met within a specific time.

6. The Wedding Planner

Let’s say you want to delegate the organizational aspect to a professional wedding planner. And you rather than taking the responsibility upon yourself or trusting a well-meaning relative. wedding planners often require a deposit before they get to work. By charging the fees required by your wedding planner on your card, as you should with all the other vendors that have a role in your big day, you’ll be granting yourself protection if their services fall through. Likewise, those charges on your credit card can also turn into rewards points and redeemed for a few extravagant expenses, including…

7. Heavenly Honeymoon

Of all the credit card options you went with when planning your wedding, choosing to use a travel rewards credit card for those décor, vendor, and fashion purchases can lead to huge savings once the ceremony itself is over. Nearly all of the expenses you’ll be making leading up to your wedding can cover the cost of your honeymoon. Most travel rewards credit cards also offer features like travel insurance, which is great if a questionable seafood paella at the reception leads to an emergency trip cancellation. You shouldn’t have to plan for trouble in paradise on your honeymoon and won’t need

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