The Ultimate Guide to Online Shopping Portals

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Last updated on January 24th, 2024

An online shopping portal is a commercial website that rewards shoppers with bonus cash back for making eligible online purchaseswith thousands of merchants.

What is an Online Shopping Portal?

An online shopping portal is any website or app that acts as a central hub for shopping. These portals let users browse and purchase products and services in a centralized, convenient location.

Shopping portals will give you bonus rewards simply for clicking through to a merchant’s website via their link. They will track your activity during a shopping trip, note how much you spent, and award you a specific percentage of cash back.

Types of Shopping Portals

Perhaps the most well-known of the shopping portals is Amazon. Despite its early start as an online bookseller, Amazon is now omnipresent in online shopping. Amazon is a one-stop shop for everything you could ever need – including oddball stuff like vehicles, buildings, and more.

Another prominent example of a shopping portal is eBay, another long-running site that began as a place to buy and sell preowned items but what now more closely resembles a swap shop or online flea market. Other examples of portals include Groupon, Rakuten, Retailmenot, and more.

Not all portals operate the same, however. Here are a few other types of shopping portals

Booking Portals

Booking platforms are not only commonplace but popular amongst holidaymakers. Travel bookings through online portals account for over 1.5 billion journeys per year. Perhaps the best-known of these portals is, but there are dozens of sites, including Trivago, Priceline, and countless others.

Rewards Portals

A rewards portal is another form of shopping portal. These portals are tied to a rewards program and allow members to redeem points towards travel, merchandise, goods, and other services. Credit card portals, such as Chase Ultimate Rewards or American Express Membership Rewards, are examples of this type of shopping portal.

Credit Cards

The final major type of shopping portal is those that utilize credit cards to offer even greater rewards. These portals help members check out which additional deals they may qualify for when buying. Capital One Shopping is probably the best known of these sites, but there are others, including BestCards Membership (free to join).

How to Use Shopping Portals to Stack Deals

Using the credit cards you already have in your wallet to stack deals is a great way to save money online shopping. Many credit cards offer cash back or rewards for online purchases. Additionally, many online shopping portals provide their own rewards programs. BestCards, for example, offers double cash back to new members. Combining these two methods allows users to save even more money on their purchases.

Let’s say a user has the Citi® Double Cash Card, which offers 2% cash back on all online purchases. They are shopping on an online shopping portal that offers 6% cashback on all purchases; they can stack the deals to save 8% on their purchase. 

As seen in the example above, BestCards Membership takes all the hassle out of calculating what you’ll earn – instead, giving you everything you need to save in one handy location. In each offer’s details, you will comprehensively rundown all available rewards, discounts, or incentives.

If you use a credit card that earns points, miles, or cash back, you can see the rewards information added to the other potential discounts and rewards. And not sure which card to choose? Save them both using BestCards Membership’s Card Comparison widget.

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Are There Other Deals to Stack?

Beyond merchant coupons, payment network savings, and BestCards cash back, are there any other deals stackable? This is an emphatic yes! Credit card issuers are always looking to add new and exciting promotions for their card members. After all, their business is in making us use our credit cards.

Merchant Offers

Many credit card companies partner with certain merchants to offer increased rewards for using their cards at those merchants. Bank and payment networks (like Visa or Mastercard) offer exclusive customer savings for thousands of retailers and merchants.

These programs provide additional value beyond the credit card’s rewards structure, from credit scores to repayment calculators. One of the most popular credit card promotions is the merchant offer and rebate programs from banks like Chase, Citi, and American Express.

Manufacturer Coupons

Combining merchant offers from your bank with payment network benefits and your credit card rewards opens the door to massive savings – but there is still more to save. Many manufacturers are happy to provide you with coupons for special savings – you just have to ask. The easiest way to solicit free manufacturer coupons is to send an email inquiring about upcoming offers. Others send letters of complaint.

Fortunately, for those who hate asking, there are dozens of couponing websites to help you access those exclusive codes. Examples of popular couponing sites include,, and more. Even better, these sites are free, meaning there is no overhead for additional savings.

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