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Horizon Gold Card

Horizon Gold Card

No Credit Required

Horizon Gold Card
  • Annual Fee None
  • Credit Needed No Credit Required
  • Processing Network N/A
Best Benefits
  • 0% purchase APR
  • No credit check required
  • Fast online application
  • Includes access to My Privacy Protection, My Universal RX, My Roadside Protect and My Legal Assistance benefits
Rates & Fees
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee: $20
  • Return Payment Penalty Fee: $25

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At a Glance

The Horizon Gold Card is a no-frills store-branded card offer from Horizon Card Services, best for someone who is building or rebuilding their credit score. This card features a 0% APR, a credit limit of $500, roadside assistance, discounts on prescription meds, and is available as an unsecured card with no credit check.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Have poor or no credit history
  • Want a payment card for convenience that will not require a credit check or employment check
  • Are comfortable with spending close to $30 each month for the use of an online store card
  • Are looking for additional benefits that come with a card offer, such as roadside and legal assistance

Horizon Gold Card Review

The Horizon Gold Card is a pared down card offer available for use exclusively with Horizon Outlet, an online marketplace with a variety of products for purchase. Approval does not require a credit check or an employment check, which means that it is a great option for someone who has not qualified for a standard credit card offer due to poor credit or poor financial habits. Although its use is limited to purchases made directly with Horizon, the spending limit for this card is $500 – which is generous for many secured card offers. However, this is an unsecured card, and not a credit card, which can have drawbacks depending on your financial goals.

Horizon Gold Card Benefits

While it’s not a traditional credit card, your spending and payment history with the Horizon Gold is reported directly to the credit bureaus each month, which is critical for those who are establishing or building their credit. The online application is quick and easy since there is no credit check, and once you pay your monthly subscription of $24.95, you gain access to perks and benefits that include My Privacy Protection, My Universal RX, My Roadside Protection, and My Legal Assistance. These enhanced benefits, when broken down, include:

  • My Privacy Protection: Access to unlimited privacy protection when using your Horizon Gold card with the online portal from Horizon Outlet. In addition, you will receive expedited fraud resolution services with regard to unauthorized use of information. If you believe your account was fraudulently charged for the application and processing fee, Horizon will make every effort to aid in a resolution.
  • My Universal RX: Unlimited access to participating local pharmacies – members receive up to 40% off on all covered prescription medications.
  • My Roadside Protection: Cardholders will enjoy up to 3 service calls or towing requests per 12 months, up to 15 miles and not to exceed the operator cost of $50, for free. Additional mileage and associated towing costs are the responsibility of the cardholder. No more than 1 towing or service call is covered within a 30 day period. Service calls include fluid delivery (up to 2 gallons of fuel, which you must re-pay at the current local pump price), lock-out service, and flat tire change service (with a spare tire that you provide).
  • My Legal Assistance: Enjoy toll-free and Internet access to legal resources; your plan entitles you to one free 30-minute consultation with a legal professional in your area, specializing in an area of law of your interest. This does not cover criminal defense cases.

Horizon Member Benefits

The lack of interest rates with this card is another attractive offer for members of Horizon Card Services, since it means that you won’t have to worry about additional monthly costs. If you choose to carry a balance, a minimum payment is required in order to keep your account from default status. That amount will be either $25 or 10% of the monthly balance due, whichever is greater.

The application for the Horizon Gold Card is quick and easy and can be completed online. Approval can take minutes, meaning you’ll be able to access your member benefits and $500 credit line immediately.

Horizon Monthly Fee

As mentioned above, there is a monthly subscription fee of $24.95 associated with the Horizon Gold Card, which accompanies the benefits plan. This adds up to the equivalent of a $300 annual fee, which may be slightly off-putting.

The benefits plan membership fee is auto-debited monthly and shows on your bank statement as Horizon Card Services. In addition, Horizon Gold Card activation requires that this monthly fee be paid on time. You can also cancel your card account at any time within 30 days of your billing date by calling Member Services at 1-800-251-6144. Check their website for Horizon Card Services customer service hours.

Horizon Outlet Store

With the Horizon Gold Card, shopping at the Horizon Outlet is easy if you frequently make purchases from their catalog – which includes men’s clothing, women’s clothing, toys, and much more. Using the Horizon Outlet website, products are sorted into easy-to-find categories and range from whimsical T-shirts to electronics and jewelry.

If you don’t plan to make ample purchases from their online store, another card offer may better suit your needs.

Should You Apply for the Horizon Gold Card?

Perhaps the biggest caveat with the Horizon Gold is that it can only be used at the Horizon Outlet. Other options, such as secured cards like the BB&T Bright Secured Credit Card, can be used to make purchases anywhere. Most traditional credit cards and secured cards do not limit cardholders to one outlet or retailer. Also, the monthly fee is much higher than the annual fees that accompany many traditional credit cards.

All in all, the Horizon Gold Card is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to build their credit. Although it doesn’t work like a typical credit card, the Horizon Gold card is not a scam – it’s a real deal that will attract folks who love to shop at the Horizon Outlet. If you’re looking for an exclusive marketplace to shop at often, it’s a great fit. There is no credit check, which means you won’t see a hard inquiry hit your credit report after you apply. Remember, even with secured cards, there’s no guarantee of approval – so if you’re struggling with your credit, the Horizon Gold Card may be a good first step in the right direction.