Family Security Visa Platinum Card

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Last updated on July 19th, 2021

Family Security Visa Platinum

Enjoy a Low APR On Every Purchase

Family Security Visa Platinum
  • Regular Purchase APR See Terms*
  • Balance Transfer APR See Terms*
  • Cash Advance APR See Terms*
  • Annual Fee None
  • Credit Needed Excellent , Good , Fair
  • Processing Network Visa
Best Benefits
  • No annual fee
  • No balance transfer fees
  • No penalty APR
Rates & Fees
  • Regular Purchase APR: See Terms*
  • Balance Transfer APR: See Terms*
  • Cash Advance APR: See Terms*
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 1% of the transaction in U.S. dollars
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee: $25
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At a Glance

The Family Security Visa Platinum Card is a low APR and balance transfer card from Family Security Credit Union. The card offers a very low APR on everything from purchases and balance transfers – all for no annual fee. While primarily a balance transfer card, the Platinum Visa does not feature any introductory rate promotional period.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Are considering transferring their existing credit card balances to pay down with a lower rate
  • Already bank with Family Security Credit Union
  • Are only interested in a great APR
  • Don’t want to pay an annual fee or fees for balance transfers or cash advances

Family Security Visa Platinum Card Review

The Family Security Visa Platinum Card is a low APR credit card that emphasizes a great low rate, and very little else. The card, from Alabama credit union, Family Security Credit Union, offers an APR that is highly competitive with other credit cards – and is more than 6% lower than the 17% national average for interest rates with credit cards from all lenders.

Enjoy a Low APR Every Day

Credit unions offer several benefits that can’t be found with larger lenders, such as Chase, Barclays, Bank of America, or others. For starters, credit unions are non-profits that are owned and operated by members. This not-for-profit approach means that every penny of profit is passed on as savings for other members – including interest rate reductions.

The Family Security Visa Platinum is one such example of the solid rates on offer from credit unions. The card prides itself on a super-low rate on purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances: one that is tough to find with almost any other card from a larger bank or card issuer.

Limitations with the Visa Platinum Card

While a low APR for everything from cash advances to purchases is excellent news, it needs to be tempered with an understanding of the limitations of the card.

While the Family Security Visa Platinum comes with a very favorable interest rate for balance transfers, as well as no fee for conducting one, the card doesn’t feature an introductory 0% APR period. Special interest-free periods for balance transfers allow new cardholders to transfer their existing credit card balances to their new card and begin paying them down without interest.

Switching to the Visa Platinum from Family Security CU will undoubtedly give you a better rate for paying down existing debts, but there is no 0% intro APR period, meaning interest begins to accumulate immediately. This limitation shouldn’t; necessarily put potential applicants off, but rather be a caution to keep up to date on payments to avoid falling into a vicious cycle of debt.

Family Security Credit Union Locations and Membership

Family Security Credit Union is an Alabama-based credit union with over twenty branch locations dotted throughout the state. While most of the branches center on Mobile and Huntsville, there are locations scattered throughout the state, making it a credit union that is equally useful in Birmingham as it is on the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Membership in the credit union is open to anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends schools in any of the counties Family Security serves, which include:

  • Lauderdale
  • Limestone
  • Madison
  • Jackson
  • Colbert
  • Franklin
  • Winston
  • Lawrence
  • Morgan
  • Marshall
  • Dekalb
  • Etowah
  • Blount
  • Cullman
  • Cullman
  • Winston
  • Walker
  • Tuscaloosa
  • Bibb
  • Perry
  • Dallas
  • Lowndes
  • Wilcox
  • Marengo
  • Choctaw
  • Washington
  • Mobile
  • Baldwin

Membership is also open to present Ruby Tuesday employees, employees and retirees of the Specialty Restaurant Group, or the Compass Family of Companies.

Should You Apply for the Family Security Visa Platinum Card?

The Family Security Visa Platinum is a decent balance transfer and low APR card that is let down by its lack of a 0% introductory APR promotion. While the card enjoys a great rate and lacks many of the fees traditionally associated with such cards – especially balance transfer and cash advance fee – the lack of the introductory-APR period means that cardholders need to remain vigilant – otherwise, their existing debts could continue to grow.

That said, the Visa Platinum Card still has an APR on balance transfers, which is roughly % below the national average – and 4% to 5% below many of the rival cards from larger banks. Provided cardholders are responsible for paying down and balances transferred over the Family Security Visa Platinum is a robust option – and one that Alabama natives should certainly consider.

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