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Family Security Student Visa Card

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| Last updated on October 27th, 2023

Family Security Student Visa Card

Family Security Student Visa Card
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Family Security Student Visa Card

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  • See Terms* Cash Advance APR

At a Glance

The Family Security Student Visa Card is a student credit card for those new to credit. Offered through Family Security Credit Union in Alabama, the card features manageable credit limits, no annual fee, and no fees for balance transfers or cash advances.

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  • No annual fee
  • Build credit with financial responsibility
  • No balance transfer fees
  • Regular Purchase APR: See Terms*
  • Balance Transfer APR: See Terms*
  • Cash Advance APR: See Terms*
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 1% of the transaction in U.S. dollars
  • Late Payment Penalty Fee: $25
  • You're new to credit cards and want to learn financial responsibility
  • You want an easy to manage credit limit
  • You're under 18 but still need a credit card for occasional purchases
  • You do't want to pay an annual fee
Family Security Student Visa Card

Family Security Student Visa Card

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Family Security Student Visa Card Review

The Family Security Student Visa Card is a basic-yet-effective student credit card designed to help recent high school graduates build up their credit with regular, on-time payments.

Building credit isn’t easy – it requires patience, attention to detail, and good habits. Family Security Credit Union understands these issues and seeks to provide students with all the tools they need to succeed. The credit union sits down with all applicants and guides them through the credit process, advising them on the importance of responsible use.

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While lectures on the importance of responsible credit use are helpful, they aren’t going to instill the techniques required to build a positive credit score. These skills can only come with a combination of practice and the right tools – both of which the Student Visa Card offers.

The Family Security Student Visa Card comes with credit limits designed with those new to credit in mind. Credit limits start as low as $300, meaning they offer enough available funds to make purchases, but with a cap to help prevent wasting money on frivolous, big-ticket items.

The card features an excellent APR, though that shouldn’t be a factor for applicants, as carrying a balance is never recommended for those looking to establish credit for the first time. Building credit requires making on-time payments, but developing sound credit habits means paying your entire balance every month. This habit helps instill that you should only pay for with credit what you can afford to pay back.

The Family Security Student Visa, like some other credit union student cards (including the Space Coast Student Visa Card), lacks many of the fees that are typically associated with credit cards. The card lacks an annual fee or fees for balance transfers or cash advances. As the card is the first card, however, there likely will be little need for transferring balances anyways.

One nice final feature of the Family Security Student Visa Card is the availability of boosting credit for those under the age of 18. Most credit cards aren’t available to those under 18, but thanks to Family Security, students who haven’t come of age yet still have a chance to get the card – with the assistance of a co-signer, of course.

Should You Apply for the Family Security Student Visa Card?

Overall, the Family Security Student Visa Card is a great entry-level credit card for students who want to start their credit history off on the right foot. With practice, students will be able to upgrade to a higher credit limit, or even another card from Family Security Credit Union, such as the Platinum Visa Card.

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