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Alliant Visa Platinum Credit Card

At a Glance

The Alliant Visa Platinum Credit Cards from Alliant Credit Union are a quality pair of low APR and rewards credit cards that provide value in almost every instance. The Rewards Card features 2X points on purchases, a competitive APR, and no annual fee. The low-rate card features a very competitive APR and a lengthy 0% APR period.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Want a no-nonsense credit card with an excellent earning rate
  • Want to earn 2X points on purchases
  • Plan to pay down an existing balance
  • Don’t want to pay an annual fee

Alliant Visa Platinum Credit Card Review

The Aliant Visa Platinum Credit Card is a no-nonsense, no annual fee rewards card from Alliant Credit Union.

Impressive Introductory Bonus

Both versions of the Alliant Visa Platinum Credit Cards come with an introductory APR offer. New accounts also receive 0% intro APR for the first 12 months on both purchases and balance transfers. A full year of no interest charges on both these categories is a great bonus – especially for those looking to pay down an existing credit card balance or finance a significant purchase.

The Alliant Visa Platinum Rewards Card features two introductory bonuses: one for points and another for APR. Beyond 0% APR, new cardholders receive 5,000 bonus points when they use their Alliant Visa Platinum Card to make $500 or more in purchases within their first 90 days of opening an account.

Varying APR Based On Card Type

The typical interest rates with the Alliant Visa Platinum Credit Card vary depending on which card you select:

Alliant Visa Platinum Low-Rate Credit Card

The low-rate version of the card naturally features the lowest interest rates. That card provides those with the very best credit score an APR of around 10% – significantly lower than anything they can expect from a major bank.

Alliant Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card

The rewards version of the card features a higher interest rate on purchases and balance transfers. That rate starts at around 13%, however, making it still significantly lower than the national average for a rewards credit card.

Earning Points with the Alliant Visa Platinum Rewards Card

The Alliant Visa Platinum Rewards Card doesn’t worry about bonus categories – instead offering a flat-rate 2X points on all eligible purchases. The double points the card earns make it a valuable addition to any wallet – especially as those points apply towards the usual award options: travel, merchandise, cash back, charitable donations, and more. And since Alliant knows a thing or two about travel, you can count on getting excellent value for those rewards points when booking flights.

Credit Union-Specific Perks

Credit unions are great because they offer member-oriented services not found with larger banks. Alliant members can enjoy debt protection benefits with the Visa credit card accounts, for instance.  Debt protection may help cancel an outstanding credit card or loan balance in the event of death, disability, or involuntary employment.

Other Card Features

Beyond union-specific benefits, the Alliant Visa Platinum Card also enjoys the basic benefits of a Visa credit card. These benefits and protections include smart wallet compatibility (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and SamsungPay), Visa Purchase Alerts, Roadside Dispatch, Zero Fraud Liability, and more.

Should You Apply for the Alliant Visa Platinum Credit Card?

Alliant members looking for a versatile rewards credit card will enjoy the Alliant Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card. The 2X points the card offers are excellent value for money – as is the reasonably easy-to-achieve 5,000 bonus points when signing up.

The interest rates with the Rewards Card aren’t industry-leading, but they are very competitive. The addition of a lengthy 0% intro APR period on both purchases and balance transfers is also a nice touch.

Fortunately, those not interested in rewards will love the low APR that comes from the regular Alliant Visa Platinum Credit Card. That card features an interest rate as low as 10%, with the same 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for up to 12 months.

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