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Dillons Offering 55¢ Off Per Gallon of Fuel for Mastercard Applicants

Kroger credit cards are popular options for those who love to save money on their weekly grocery shopping. These cards are also exceptionally valuable for those who like saving money at the fuel pump. One of those cards is the Dillons REWARDS World Mastercard, offering 55¢ off per gallon for a whole year.

Dillons REWARDS Limited-Time Fuel Offer Details

New applicants for the Dillons REWARDS World Mastercard® can save 55¢ off a gallon of fuel for a whole year. The new Kroger Fuel Rewards bonus applies to those who get the Dillons Card by April 1, 2021.

The 55¢ off fuel discount is redeemable only at Kroger Family of Companies Fuel Centers when redeeming at least 100 Kroger fuel points earned in a single month. This offer is not applicable in Louisiana or Missouri. This offer also excludes taxes, office services, alcohol, tobacco, fuel, prescriptions, and any purchases prohibited by law.

About the Dillons REWARDS World Mastercard

The Dillons REWARDS World Mastercard is a no-annual-fee rewards credit card for shoppers in the Midwestern U.S.. Dillons is part of the Kroger Family of Companies, a group that includes names like Ralphs, QFC, Kroger, and more.

The Dillons Card earns 3X points on purchases of the Kroger family of quality brands products, 2X points at Kroger Company stores, and 1X points anywhere else Mastercard is accepted worldwide. One thousand rewards points equal $5 in free groceries at Dillons or other Family companies.

Is the 55¢ Off Per Gallon Sign Up Bonus Worth It?

Kroger REWARDS credit cards are great for the frequent shopper at the 16 brands that make up the Krogers Family of Stores.  Since the company’s geographical footprint is so broad, it offers great value for the budget-conscious shopper. Sure, other gas rewards credit cards are available, but the Dillons Card is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to fuss about meeting the requirements for category spending. With the Kroger cards, you simply shop at Kroger, fill up at Kroger, and save at Kroger. Simple as that.

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