BBVA Optimizer Secured Credit Card

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Last updated on September 7th, 2021


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At a Glance

When you need to build or repair your credit, options may be limited. The BBVA Optimizer Credit Card, however, offers a competitive rate and works like a regular credit card, all while helping you build credit history, increase your credit, and achieve your credit goals. You’ll enjoy a credit line that’s backed by a collateral savings account along with extra perks like Visa Zero Liability.

Ideal for Those Who:

  • Want to build or improve your credit score
  • Would like to be able to increase your credit limit easily and quickly
  • Want to take advantage of competitive APR rates
  • Want like a secured credit card that works just like a regular credit card

BBVA Optimizer Credit Card Review

The BBVA Optimizer Credit Card is a convenient way to build or improve your credit score. Your Optimizer Credit Card is secured by an interest-bearing collateral savings account, which means you’ll earn interest on your savings even as you build your credit history.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of multiple payment options – pay in person at a branch, pay by mail, or pay online. Your BBVA Compass Optimizer Credit Card will work just like a regular credit card and is accepted everywhere that Visa® is accepted – you can use your card at over 28 million locations worldwide. You’ll even be able to easily increase your credit line – simply deposit additional funds into a savings account. Rebuilding credit is easy with this card.

Should You Apply for the BBVA Optimizer Secured Card?

The BBVA Compass Optimizer Credit Card is a great option if you want to optimize your credit score while taking advantage of competitive APR rates for purchases and balance transfers, and a relatively low annual fee.

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