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Apple Card Now Reporting to All Major Credit Bureaus

When it initially launched, one of the strange features of the Apple Card was that it only reported to one credit bureau: TransUnion. Now, however, the card appears to be reporting to all three major credit bureaus regularly. Here’s what you need to know about the Apple Card and its reporting changes to the major credit bureaus.

Apple Card Credit Bureau Reporting Update

The Apple Card has been a resounding success for the tech giant since its launch last year. The card, which Apple issues through Goldman Sachs, works through an iPhone’s digital wallet and its proprietary Apple Pay system. The card works wherever Apply Pay is accepted – and for those merchants that don’t accept Apple Pay, the physical titanium card comes in handy.

Apple Card Now Reports to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion

The digital payment focus of the Apple Card is a notable quirk of the product, but not its only peculiarity. Another curiosity of the Apple Card is that up to now it only reported one credit bureau: TransUnion. It seems that has now changed. The addition of regular reporting to all three credit bureaus is good news for cardholders who are looking to improve their credit score.

Monthly reporting to all the credit bureaus can help establish a record of on-time payments and low credit utilization for those willing to put the work in. This, in turn, will boost their credit score and approval odds on future credit card applications, regardless of the credit report the bank pulls. In addition, the update makes it more accessible when it comes to lenders that prefer using Equifax or Experian.

Should You Apply for the Apple Card?

With the addition of regular reporting to all three credit bureaus, is the Apple Card worth getting for those on the fence?

The Apple Card is a quality cash back credit card for the Apple enthusiast who both has an iPhone and plans to stick within the Apple ecosystem.

Getting an Apple Card requires an iPhone, as this is the only way to apply. And while there is also a physical, titanium credit card for purchases outside of Apple Wallet, those purchases only earn 1% cash back. Purchases through Apple Pay, on the other hand, earn 2% back – and purchases of Apple products receive 3% back.

If you are an Apple fanatic, however, the Apple Card’s lack of fees is an enticing proposition. Equally enticing is the card’s slick, laser-etched metal card, which will be the envy of all who look upon it.

For all those who fall outside of the Apple sphere of influence, however, there are plenty of other cash back credit cards that offer far richer rewards.

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