Who Owns Business Credit Card Rewards?

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Last updated on April 17th, 2023

Company credit cards are a common feature in corporate America. A company card can help employees pay for travel, hotel, dinners, and other business expenses no matter where work takes them. And with so many business cards now offering rewards – those employee trips can quickly add up to some serious points or cash back. But who owns business credit card points?

Business Credit Card Rewards

Business credit cards are a great choice for everyday spending as well. When companies issue multiple cards – and employees then sue them on everyday purchases like office supplies, travel, and dining – they can earn rewards that can be used to offset business expenses or book luxury travel. But what happens to those rewards when it comes time to redeem for flights, hotels, or more?

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Who Owns Credit Card Rewards?

Regarding credit card rewards programs, point ownership isn’t really a thing. Confused? Don’t be.

No one actually owns most credit card points. Most card issuers state that points “have no cash value” and are the property of the rewards program. For example, American Express says that its Membership Rewards points are “not your property. You can’t transfer points to any other person or program account. Additionally, points can’t be transferred by operation of law, such as by inheritance, in bankruptcy, or connection with a divorce.”

Can I Use My Business Card Points?

But what about when it comes to redeeming points? Who gets to use rewards points when booking flights or cashing out of a program? Again, that depends on the internal procedures of your company – and the terms and conditions of each card issuer.

Credit card reward points generally belong to the primary cardholder – i.e., your boss. American Express MR states that a primary cardholder issues additional cards on their account, and they get the right to use those points. So while you might think those endless business trips will lead to a Hawaiian vacation on company points – think again.

While most banks require business card purchases for business expenses, most do not limit points to the account holder. However, not all credit card issuers follow the same rules regarding rewards. If you have any questions about the rewards on your business card, check out your employee handbook or speak with your company’s finance department for any documentation or a copy of the credit card’s terms and conditions.

And if your company doesn’t have a policy for credit card rewards, make sure to state your case for employee retention of rewards. After all, those points are a great way to reward hardworking (and far traveling) employees for all their efforts.

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