7 Online Shopping Secrets to Save Money

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Last updated on August 30th, 2021

Being savvy is crucial to maximizing your savings when you shop online. Unfortunately, retailers are always trying to find ways to make money off of simple tricks that are easily avoidable. Don’t let yourself all for common traps when making purchases online. Here are some of the best-kept shopping secrets that big brands don’t want you to know.

7 Online Shopping Secrets Major Retailers Don’t Want You to Know About

Here are some top tips for saving money when you shop online:

Use the Shopping Cart Trick

One of the easiest ways to get extra savings when shopping online is by using something called the “shopping cart trick.” This trick involves adding the items you want to purchase to your cart and then abandoning the purchase process.

When you add items to your online shopping cart and close the browser without making a purchase, the cookies the online shop uses will track this abandonment, and many retailers will attempt to get you to complete the transaction with additional savings. According to most online shopping experts, retailers will contact you within 48 hours of the failed purchase to provide extra discounts designed to get you to pull the trigger and make the purchase.

Go Incognito or Clear Cookies

As mentioned, online retailers use cookies to track the browsing and shopping habits of customers. Retailers use cookies for something known as “dynamic pricing.” This dynamic pricing involves utilizing a customer’s search history, location, and other factors to increase prices where possible. This shopping secret practice is especially prevalent with airlines and hotels.

The easiest way to avoid dynamic pricing when shopping online is to go incognito. Going into incognito mode (or private browsing) eliminates sites tracking your details and can show you the actual price of items – and not a price based on your browsing history or location. Another option is to delete your browser cookies before shopping.

Contact Customer Service

Customer service isn’t just there for when things go wrong. Using customer service can be a powerful ally when shopping online, as they can provide information about rebates, sales, or other promotional pricing.

Chatbots are a similarly helpful resource. These automated features can provide many of the same rebate offers as customer service agents without the potential awkwardness that may come from asking for discounts from a real human.

Don’t Forget to Try Using Expired Coupons

Most coupons you find online come with an expiration date. One shopping secret that most people don’t know, however, is that you might be able to use old coupons. Some retailers may honor expired coupons – but only if you ask! Once again, customer service is your friend.

Subscribe or Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to maximize savings when shopping online. If an item you are interested in is something you use every day (or regularly), buying large quantities can reduce the price per unit and save you serious money. The same applies to subscribing for weekly, monthly, or other recurring purchases and shipments. Amazon.com features many household, grocery. cleaning and pet items that can be subscribed to – often reducing the price by 15% or more.

Find the Ideal Credit Card for Each Purchase

Credit cards are an excellent way to save even more when shopping online. However, when you do online shopping, not all credit cards are the same. Finding the right credit card for each purchase is essential to getting the best savings.

Cash back credit cards are an excellent way to boost savings since eligible purchases earn money back. Some cash back cards, like the Discover It or Chase Freedom Flex, offer up to 5% back on revolving categories, while other cards, like the Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards, offer 3% back on broad categories like home and health and auto.

Travel rewards cards offer additional savings via points, plus luxury perks when it comes to booking flights or hotels. Airline cards might offer priority boarding or seat upgrades, while hotel cards might offer free nights, complimentary breakfast, or other bonus offers.

Use Online Coupons and Deals

Retailers want you to use coupons because when you use them, you buy products from them. Online coupons and deals are some of the best ways to save – especially when paired with the right credit card.

However, finding the right online deals and coupons can be challenging because they can be scattered over multiple sites. Fortunately, reputable coupon and deal websites catalog all the latest deals and help you save some serious money when shopping online. Using an online deals portal allows you to combine offers and supercharge your savings.

BestCards Membership is one such online deal site. The BestCards portal allows members to combine their favorite credit card with coupons from leading retailers, credit card networks, and more. Not only that but select deals through BestCards can earn you money through special rebates.

Members can even earn additional rewards when they sign-up new members through referrals – and those users make eligible purchases through BestCards, helping you earn even more cash back! The portal also allows users to save offers for later, view their deals history with comprehensive reporting, and more. Click here for more information on BestCards.com Membership.

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