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U.S. Bank Launches Voyager Mastercard Fleet Card

U.S. Bank and Mastercard are launching a new fleet card: the U.S. Bank Voyager Mastercard. The new fleet card allows companies to handle all fleet-related expenses with a single card at more than 320,000 locations across North America.

U.S. Bank Launches New Voyager Mastercard Fleet Card

Fleet cards, also known as fuel cards, are a popular way for companies to let drivers cover fuel costs and vehicle maintenance on the road. Commercial fleet cards help provide easy access to credit without the fear of upcharges and excessive interest from business credit cards.

U.S. Bank currently offers the U.S. Bank Voyager Fleet Card. Now, however, the bank is partnering with Mastercard to improve the reach of its fleet card product with the new U.S. Bank Voyager Mastercard.

The new Voyager Mastercard provides the benefits of a commercial fleet card and the wide acceptance of the Mastercard payment network. Companies can administer the cards as they would like any other fleet card, with drivers enjoying acceptance at over 300,000 locations across North America – including remote locations, Mexico, and Canada. Drivers can even use the new card to cover all fleet-related expenses, including fuel, tolls, parking, repairs, hotel stays, and restaurants.

“A Game-Changer for Fleet Manager”

“The new U.S. Bank Voyager Mastercard is a game-changer for fleet managers and drivers,” said Jeff Pape, senior vice president and director of product and marketing for transportation at U.S. Bank in a press release. “Having the capability to cover and control unexpected and planned purchases on two major networks delivers unprecedented flexibility to support fleet operations and productivity.”

“We are thrilled to partner with U.S. Bank to provide fleet managers and drivers a single card product that leverages our network to support day-to-day needs on and off the road,” added Erika Gamboa, Vice President, Account Management at Mastercard. “Together, we are able to provide an enhanced payment experience for fleet drivers with enhanced safety, security, and travel benefits.”

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