Study: Half of Americans Store Financial Information Online

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Online shopping is a mainstay in our daily lives – but it comes with the ever-present danger of identity theft, fraud, and more. As holiday shopping kicks into full gear, NordVPN is warning consumers about the threat of hackers and providing insights into how to keep your financial details safe when shopping online or using digital wallets this holiday season:

NordVPN Research Highlights Dangers of Online Shopping

The holiday season is starting to ramp up, so there’s no better time for an online safety refresher. NordVPN is one of the most trusted virtual private network (VPN) providers today – and is hoping to help consumers stay safe this winter.

NordVPN’s in-house research has shown that almost half of Americans (43.9%) store their banking information on their personal devices, followed by Spaniards (39.3%), Canadians (38.6%), and Australians (38%).

While storing your financial information online can be safe, there are plenty of risks that come with shopping online – with hackers and phishers being the two biggest concerns. Various surveys have revealed that at least half of users don’t lock their phones. This means that even a random stranger could access your social media accounts, emails, notes, and payment platforms without any additional effort.

NordVPN’s Advice for Shopping Online Safe

Here are NordVPN’s top tips for staying safe when shopping online this holiday season:

Research the Retailer

Don’t rush to make purchases on websites without ensuring the site is safe. Check the reviews on various platforms, and only then start spending money. Make sure there’s a lock symbol to the left of the URL, indicating that the website is secure.

Use Strong Passwords

Protect your accounts with complex passwords that contain upper-case and lower-case letters along with numbers and special characters.

Avoid Suspicious Links

inspect every email you receive and never click on any links without a closer look. Hackers can impersonate online shops and redirect you to malicious websites via these links.

Don’t Store Payment Information Online

Type your credit card information manually and never choose the option to store it for later.

Use a VPN

A VPN encrypts your traffic and hides your IP address, improving your online security and privacy. While never recommended, If you make purchases on public Wi-Fi, using a VPN is a necessity. Hackers can create a fake hotspot, infect your device with malware, and exploit your traffic.

For a limited time, NordVPN is offering a special 58% savings on its VPN services. For just $5 per month, consumers can protect their devices online this holiday season – and throughout 2022.

With one NordVPN account, users can protect up to six devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. The service’s mobile app even has the CyberSec feature, which blocks websites known for storing malware and annoying ads.

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