M1 Finance Announces Winter Sweepstakes

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M1 Finance, the popular investment fintech, is looking to spread some festive cheer with its new M1 Winter Sweepstakes. M1 will randomly select 50 M1 Owner’s Rewards Card transactions every day through the end of 2021 and provide the winning cardholders with a full refund on their purchase’s cost. Here are the full details of the new M1 Winter Sweepstakes:

M1 Finance’s Winter Sweepstakes

M1 Finance is looking to reward its users with the chance to earn full reimbursement on their purchases. Effective immediately, M1 randomly selects 50 transactions made with the Owner’s Rewards Card for a full refund on their winning purchase.

The new M1 Winter Sweepstakes will pull 50 random transactions every day for the rest of 2021, with the winning cardholders enjoying a full reimbursement on their transaction (up to $5,000 total).

Cardholders only need to use their Owner’s Rewards Card this holiday season to enter (one swipe = one entry), and M1 will select 50 winners at random daily. With folks preparing to spend more on gifts and travel this holiday season, the new M1 Winter Sweepstakes is an excellent way for cardholders to recoup some of those expenses and have some extra cash to invest as we head into the new year.

About the M1 Owner’s Rewards Visa® Signature Card

M1 launched the M1 Owner’s Rewards Visa Signature Card earlier this year, with the card now available to all M1 Plus users, with the first year free for new users. The card earns 2.5%, 5%, or even 10% cash back on purchases with select companies in which the cardholder owns stock.

Some of the best-known companies in the world are eligible, such as Amazon (2.5% back), Target (2.5% back), Starbucks (5% back), Delta Airlines (5% back), and Netflix (10% back). Cardholders receive 1.5% cash back on all other purchases. Those cash back rewards are automatically reinvested into users’ portfolios, allowing them to maximize rewards and grow their wealth with everyday transactions.

Other M1 Finance Products

M1 Finance also offers the M1 Spend Visa® Debit Card. That card provides M1 Finance customers with a streamlined approach to spending their available funds – and earning up to 1% cash back on purchases and 1% APY on account balances with an eligible M1 Plus account.

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