Curve Launches in United States

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Last updated on August 11th, 2022

Fintech Curve has finally launched in the United States. The new service allows users to track all their finances and transactions in one place (including credit cards), offering a cashback and up to 10% back on purchases.

Curve Now Available in the United States

The hotly anticipated Curve has finally arrived in the U.S. Previously available in Europe, the platform lets users track their finances and spending by linking bank and credit card accounts in one place.

The launch includes the new Curve All in One Card. The Curve, All in One Card, differs from other credit cards because it is truly an “all in one” product. The card – and associated Curve app – allows users to consolidate multiple credit cards into one payment card and make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Curve Features

Beyond its “all in one” approach to rewards, the Curve Card offers some impressive features. Chief among the unique Curve features is the innovative “Time Travel” option that allows cardholders to retroactively move charges from one card to another – helping them maximize rewards.

Time Travel

“Time Travel” is an innovative feature that all cardholders will enjoy. This feature allows Curve Cardholders to retroactively move charges from one card to another. The Time Travel benefit lets you switch charges to another card that offers better rewards or lower APR.

Anti-Embarrassment Tool

“Anti-Embarrassment” is Curve’s unique system to avoid the embarrassment of a declined card at checkout. Curve Credit swoops in automatically if the user’s selected card doesn’t go through, so they can pay without the panic of a failed transaction.

When using the Curve platform, users pay the merchant and charge their credit cards. All transactions will still appear on the individual cards statements, but it will be made clear that the purchase was made through Curve.

Curve Credit

“Curve Credit” is the fintech’s Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) service. The feature allows Curve members to at a later date or in installments through a payment plan. Customers will get the option to pay back in 3, 6, or 12-month installments.

Curve Rewards

The curve platform also provides rewards outside of issuer credit card rewards (think Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou Points, Amex Membership Rewards). While the full rewards structure for U.S. members isn’t fully known, what is known is that those signed up to the Curve waitlist will enjoy 1% cash back on all purchases for the first six months. This 1% cash back bonus is in addition to the rewards the user would typically earn on their current credit card.

Waitlist users can increase their odds of reaching the top 100 by referring friends, family, or anyone else to the Curve waitlist. Users can jump 50 spots with each successful referral. The fintech previously announced an impressive 10% cash back to the top 100 users on the waitlist for six months.

“Put people in Better Control of Their Money”

“Curve is evolving, and to launch in the U.S. is an incredibly exciting milestone for us. Americans hold four debit cards and credit cards on average, which we aim to simplify down to one card and one app to put people in better control of their money,” said Shachar Bialick, CEO and founder of Curve.

“It’s also a challenging time for consumer finances in the U.S. Inflation is at an all-time high, and rate hikes are on the horizon. By empowering U.S. customers with their finances, we hope to help more people towards a better financial future.”

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