Why Luxury Card Offers the Best Luxury Credit Cards of 2020

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Last updated on October 25th, 2021

Many credit cards talk the talk when it comes to Luxury, but both the Mastercard Black Card and Mastercard Titanium Card from Luxury Card deliver on its promises – and then some. Here’s why we believe that Luxury Card offers some of the best luxury credit cards of 2020.

What Is Luxury Card?

Luxury Card is a new and refreshing take on high-end credit cards. As a global leader in innovation, the Luxury Card brand seeks to reshape how consumers perceive credit cards and what they can be. Instead of focusing on gimmicky reward categories and signup bonuses, the suite of card products from Luxury instead place emphasis on everyday value, performance, and attention to detail. This commitment to excellence is what truly sets Luxury Card apart. The Luxury experience provides the real value and real service that successful individuals both crave – and deserve.  

Luxury Card Concierge®

While most prestigious credit cards offer 24/7 concierge, few of them match up to the personalized service that comes from Luxury Card Concierge®. Cardholders can expect their every need to be catered to by Luxury’s world-class team of customer service specialists. From getting difficult-to-find tickets to a Broadway show to restaurant advice in Shanghai, the concierge team is always available. Luxury Card Concierge® is so much more than customer assistance, however. Cardholders can genuinely expect the pinnacle of service when they contact the concierge team. Don’t believe us? Here are a few of the impressive feats the Luxury Card Concierge® team have accomplished for members: 

  • When moving to Denver with his wife and 3-year-old son, a Cardmember asked the Concierge to research the best school districts in the city to help them narrow their home search. 
  • A Cardmember was devastated when he left his cash and jewelry in a hotel while in Japan. Luxury Card Concierge arranged for someone to go to the hotel to pick them up, and had the valuables securely sent to the Cardmember’s home. 
  • A Cardmember requested information on the type of shoes worn by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the Men in Black films. Within 24 hours, the Concierge agent provided the kind of shoes and a listing of local retailers that carried them. 
  • Wanting the perfect proposal for his girlfriend, a Cardmember called Luxury Card Concierge to find out how to propose using the Jumbotron in New York City’s Times Square. The Concierge accommodated his request within two hours. 
  • A Concierge agent arranged to have an emergency supply of children’s Tylenol delivered in the middle of the night to a distressed Cardmember at home with an ill child. 

World-Class Rewards

Prestigious cards, like the Platinum Card or the Sapphire Reserve, aim to entice users with additional points in specific categories. And while these cards both offer exceptional value for money, their approach can sometimes come across as “gimmicky.” Luxury Card takes a much different approach to rewards. Instead of focusing on bonus categories, every Luxury Cards seek to give their members exceptional value – no matter how they choose to use their rewards. All Luxury Card products earn one point for every dollar spent. There are no confusing categories or mental arithmetic required. After all, isn’t the point of having a luxury credit card having the peace of mind that everything is taken care of for you? 

Impressive Redemption Options

When it comes to redeeming those points, Luxury once again comes out on top. All the best premium credit cards offer the best redemption rates through their proprietary travel portals, and this is the case with the Black Card or the Gold Card.Redeeming points for airfare provides double the value, meaning all cardholders receive a 2% value. The Sapphire Reserve provides just 1.5% redemption through Ultimate Rewards, and the Platinum Card only 1% redemption value, in comparison.  Even cash back provides enhanced redemption value over the competition, to the tune of 1.5% cash back for the Black Card. This is a 50% increase over many competitors. The opportunity to deposit those rewards directly into any U.S. bank account is another great feature, meaning points don’t only need to apply as statement credits (of course, Luxury Card offers this option as well).  

Impeccable Travel Perks

Like any excellent luxury credit card, the Black Card provides a wealth of travel benefits and perks. Chief among these benefits is Priority Pass Select membership. Priority Pass is a global network of over 1,300 airport lounges, providing travelers with exceptional comfort while they await their flight.  Black Card cardholders also receive a $100 statement credit towards airline incidentals. This credit offers recompense for things like excess baggage, airport Wi-Fi, and other unexpected charges. An additional statement credit reimburses cardholders for TSA Precheck and Global Entry application fees, allowing them to navigate both security and U.S. Customs at airports nationwide quickly. Black Card members can also anticipate a selection of luxurious gifts from some of the biggest – and most iconic – brands in the world – just for being a cardmember. Plus, all cardholders receive complimentary access to Luxury Magazine, a quarterly publication offering insight into the finer things in life.  It bears noting that the above travel perks apply only to the Black Card, due to its enhanced annual fee of $495. All Cardholders, including Titanium Cardholders, enjoy a vast assortment of travel benefits, including the Luxury Hotel Collection. 

The Luxury Hotel Collection

The Luxury Card travel experience doesn’t begin and end at the airport. Cardholders (both Black Card and Titanium Card) also enjoy access to the exceptional Luxury Hotel Collection. Cardmembers have access to a carefully curated collection of more than 3,000 global properties that offer a bevy of benefits exclusive to Luxury Cardholders. These perks include preferred rates and availability, room upgrades, daily breakfast for two, complimentary Wi-Fi, early check-in and late check-out, gifts, and even up to $2,000 in service credits. On average, cardholders enjoy $500 of value per stay – just for using the the Luxury Card Concierge service on their Black Card or the Titanium Card to book. 

Other Travel Perks

Other impressive travel perks with Luxury Card include:

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: Up to $5,000 of coverage, per person, for eligible accidental covered events during roundtrip purchases made with a Luxury Card product.
  • Travel Accident Insurance: $250,000 of coverage for eligible common carrier accidental death and dismemberment after booking travel with a Luxury Card product.
  • Auto Rental Collision Waiver: Secondary coverage for vehicle rentals paid for with the Luxury Card.
  • Mastercard Global Service: Access to Mastercard’s award-winning customer assistance for any card related matter. This is an excellent addition to the Luxury Card Concierge®, providing blanket coverage for any unexpected questions or concerns.
  • Global Luggage Delivery: All Cardholders receive a 15% discount on all luggage deliveries booked with their card, with on-time delivery guaranteed.
  • DUFL: DUFL is a premium service that streamlines business travel through the storing, cleaning, and shipping of business attire directly to your hotel. Luxury Cardholders enjoy two free trips with DUFL – a $200 value.
  • EmpireCLS and Carey International Chauffeured Transportation: Relax in comfort thanks to chauffeured service in EmpreiCLS’ or CAREY International’s luxury fleet of late-model vehicles. The company offers transportation in over 1,000 destinations worldwide. Luxury Cardholders enjoy a $50 discount on their first booking, 10% discount on the base rate of all bookings, and complimentary vehicle upgrades when available with both companies
  • Airport Meet & Greet: Luxury Cardholders receive 20% off airport meet and greet services worldwide. This perk allows cardholders to navigate airports quickly and bypass lengthy immigration and baggage lines – getting you to your destination quicker.
  • Discounts with car rental companies such as Enterprise, National, Avis, and Alamo
  • Access to high-speed, low-cost Wi-Fi and calling, worldwide
  • No foreign transaction fees

Everyday Value

Impeccable perks and luxury benefits don’t mean daily value is sacrificed. Both the Black Card and the Titanium Card are designed with daily life in mind. Both options provide a robust selection of perks for your ordinary routines, including complimentary memberships with services such as ShopRunner and Fandango. Other notable perks for cardmembers include: 

  • Cell Phone Protection: If keeping your mobile device protected is at the top of your list, you can rest assured with Luxury Card. The issuer offers supplemental coverage for eligible damage or theft of your eligible wireless cell phone.
  • ShopRunner: Opt for some retail therapy with a complimentary ShopRunner membership. Benefits include free 2-day shipping and free return shipping on goods from hundreds of top merchants
  • 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers: With a promotional rate of 0% on balance transfers for the first 15 billing cycles of your account, you can save on interest charges when you transfer an existing balance from another source
  • Boxed: Boxed takes the stress out of purchasing bulk items. Luxury Cardholders receive 5% cash rewards on all eligible Boxed orders for use with future Boxed purchases. 
  • Lyft: Cardholders who enroll with Lyft can take three eligible rides in a month in order to get a $5 Lyft credit. If they keep riding, they can earn the credit month after month. 
  • Onefinestay: The Onefinestay network provides access to 1,000s of exclusive rental homes and villas worldwide. Simply using Luxury Card to book stays through Onefinestay entitles cardholders to 10% discounts. 
  • Luxury Global Dining Collection: Enjoy priority bookings and reservations, complimentary appetizers, desserts, or wine, private tours, and more 
  • The Ultimate Golf Program: Access prestigious golf clubs and tournaments, book tee times at popular courses, and create your own unforgettable golfing experience, anywhere worldwide. 

While the daily value of the Luxury Card is undoubtedly apparent for all cardholders, Titanium Cardholders will get the most enjoyment. That’s because the Titanium Card lacks the travel perks of the Black Card, in exchange for a more affordable annual fee of $195. Despite this lower yearly rate, however, Titanium Cardholders still have access to these industry-leading everyday perks, enhanced point redemption values, and Luxury Card Concierge®. 

Purchasing Power You Can Feel

Any good antique dealer will tell you that when it comes to quality, weight is one of the best ways to judge the most exceptional objects in life. And weight is just one of the ways in which the Luxury Card experience surpasses anything else on the market today. The Black Card tips the scales at an impressive 22g, which is more than 4g heavier than its closest rival, the Platinum Card from American Express. Luxury Card attributes this weight to the industry-leading card construction – the subject of over 51 global patents. All Luxury Card products start with a brushed stainless-steel front and carbon back. This unique approach provides the durability and distinction users expect from such a prestigious item. The Luxury continues with laser engraving to provide a superior finish that is sure to elicit a few envious eyeballs. The Black Card will not only attract the attention of all who set eyes upon it but stand the test of time as well. 

Who Should Apply for the Luxury Card?

The Black Card and the Titanium Card aren’t for everyone, nor should they be. Prestigious cards fit a very niche audience, including top-level executives, entrepreneurs, frequent travelers, and those with a taste for more beautiful things in life. For these individuals, there aren’t many better credit cards than those on offer from Luxury. The redemption value for travel, plus the vast array of perks make the Black Card perhaps the best travel credit card on the market today. The sheer number of benefits that come from Luxury partners (accessible via the company’s mobile app) offers an estimated $500 in value – per stay. Add in lounge access, and TSA Precheck and frequent travelers can expect can anticipate unrivaled comfort. Even those who don’t travel can take advantage of the wealth of perks with both the Black Card and the Titanium Card. Both options, however, provide greater cash back redemption value than competitors and come with access to the inimitable Luxury Card Concierge®. Do the cards have equally impressive annual fees? Yes. But so do other cards from leading issuers like AMEX, Chase, and Citi.  For our money, however, the Black Card and the Titanium Card more than weigh up to that price tag. 

Who Should Apply for the Black Card from Luxury Card?

The Black Card offers the ultimate in sophistication for the discerning traveler. What’s more, booking travel with the Black Card takes globe-trotting to a whole other level, thanks to exquisite benefits, impressive perks, and unbeatable rewards.  Even those who travel occasionally will find more value than the $495 annual fee, thanks to thousands of dollars in statement credits, discounts, and the peace of mind that comes from one of the best travel experiences on the planet today. 

Who Should Apply for the Titanium Card?

For those who want the prestige and power of the Luxury Card brand, plus the impressive array of benefits that come from a luxurious credit card, but don’t travel enough to justify the $495 annual fee, the Titanium Card is the ideal option. The Titanium Luxury Card offers access to Luxury Card Concierge®, the Luxury Hotel Collection, and all the everyday perks, for a significantly reduced $195 annual fee. This means that luxury doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and those with a discerning taste for the best in life don’t need to sacrifice quality for cost. 

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