Mysterious Apple Card Charges Resolved for Cardholders

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Last updated on November 3rd, 2020

A spate of mysterious Apple Cards charges across the U.S. may not be as malicious as they at first seemed. Numerous payments to a small Texas tax firm were simply mislabeled, according to Apple and the actual merchant in question – AT&T. Here are all the details of this strange story.

AT&T Transactions Mislabeled

Several Apple Cardholders have been reporting a mysterious charge on their credit card statements. The charges all feature the same name: Waters, Hardy & Company CPA.

Who is Waters, Hardy & Co.? It is a small tax preparation and consulting firm based in Dallas, TX. How numerous Apple Cardholders ended up with charges from a 10-man Texas tax firm is unknown – especially as the charges are actually from AT&T.

“We Did Not Receive Any Funds”

Waters, Hardy & Co. claim to have received scores of phone calls from Apple Cardholders with concerns over the strange charges to their card accounts. The torrent of calls is so massive, they say, that they are requesting those impacted to contact them via email only.

The company also took to their Facebook page to reiterate that they are not receiving any money from the error:

If you see a charge on your Apple credit card from “Waters, Hardy & Company CPA,” please know this was not us and we did not receive the funds. Please check your AT&T account as we were told by some it was in fact their bill with our name listed as the merchant. This afternoon we have received hundreds of calls from all over the United States regarding this matter, so much so we had to turn off our phones. We are working to get this resolved as soon as possible. Thank you!

Apple and AT&T Respond

Both Apple and AT&T say the situation is resolved. Apple states that future transactions will feature the Waters, Hardy & Company label, while AT&T responded that they have been receiving payments, and there aren’t any issues for which customers should have a concern. Neither company elaborated on why the charges were mislabeled, however.

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