Buy Choice Privileges Points with a 25% Bonus

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Last updated on August 12th, 2021, a loyalty program platform that allows users to conveniently track their rewards points in one location, is selling Choice Hotel points at a 25% discount. Specifically, Choice Privileges members who purchase 3,000 points or more through the website will receive a 25% discount. This discount works out as approximately 0.74 cents per point.

Purchase Choice Points

The Choice Privileges loyalty program isn’t the most lucrative hotel rewards program on the market. Current estimates place the value of Choice Privileges points at around 0.6 cents per point (as of July 1, 2020). This valuation puts Choice points on par with Best Western Rewards points. That said, the Choice brand is one of the fastest-growing hotel companies in the world.

Free night awards with Choice start as low as 8,000 points, meaning the 3,000+ point minimum purchase can quickly elevate members from having to pay with Points Plus Cash, to simply paying with points.

Enhance the Savings Through Online Portals

Those considering the offer can further enhance their savings by going through an online shopping portal, like Purchasing through a portal may provide additional rewards – in the case of TopCashback, users receive an extra 2.5% cash back.

Should You Purchase Points?

Purchasing hotel rewards points usually isn’t advisable. During COVID-19, however, purchasing points may make sense for those who want a break from the coronavirus concerns, or who are planning a weekend escape but are a few thousand points short of a free stay.

The same rule generally applies to airline frequent flyer miles. Unless the deal is too good to turn down or gets you to an award flight at a lower cost than paying with cash, it’s best not to purchase miles. Since both miles and points tend to devalue over time, hoarding points is also inadvisable.


is an industry-leading platform that aims to streamline the loyalty programs of major brands. The company was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 2000 and specializes in growing engagement and retention for companies. It also helps loyalty members earn and spend their points faster. To date, over one billion members – and growing – have used the service.

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