Chase Unveils 2024 Freedom 5% Cash Back Calendar

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Last updated on March 14th, 2024

The Chase Freedom Flex will earn 5% back on grocery stores, fitness and gyms, and self-care and spas. The bank unveiled its latest 5% back categories earlier this week, with eligible cardholders earning 5% back on the first $1,500 in those categories from January through March 31, 2023. Here are all the details:

Chase Announces 2024 Cash Back Calendar Categories

Chase has announced the Q1 bonus categories for its 2024 Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Calendar. Like Discover, which previously announced its full Cashback Calendar in advance, Chase only unveils its calendar one quarter at a time – with Chase Freedom Flex and Freedom cardmembers left to anticipate the typically lucrative cash back categories.

What are the Chase Freedom Q2 Bonus Cash Back Categories?

Date 5% Cash Back Category
Q1 January - March 2024 Grocery stores (excluding Walmart), self-care and spa services, plus fitness and gym memberships
Q2 April - June 2024 Restaurants, hotels, and and Whole Foods purchases
Q3 July - September 2024 TBD
Q4 October - December 2024 TBD

Q2 Bonus Categories

So, what are the bonus categories for the second quarter? Beginning April 1st and ending June 30th, eligible Chase Freedom cardmembers earn 5% cash back on different categories up to $1,500 in total combined purchases each quarter you activate, with all purchases in the bonus category earning 1% back after reaching that cap in the following categories:

  • Restaurants: Freedom Flex and Freedom Unlimited cardholders enjoy an impressive 5% cash back on the first $1,500 spent on dining purchases made with the restaurant directly. *This category includes sit-down, eat-in or take-out dining when purchased directly from a restaurant, including fast food and fine dining establishments. Third-party delivery service merchants are not included even if they are classified as restaurant merchants. Merchants that sell food and drinks located within facilities such as sports stadiums, hotels and casinos, theme parks, grocery and department stores will not be included in this category unless the merchant has set up such purchases to be classified in a restaurant category. Purchases made at bakeries, caterers, or gift card merchants are not included in the category.
  • Hotels: Adding hotels is a great bonus for anyone planning a summer vacation.  *Merchants in this category include hotels and motels, and many smaller establishments like bed & breakfasts, and inns. Hotel accommodations not booked directly with the hotel will not qualify; for example, hotel accommodations purchased through travel agencies, discount travel sites, vacation clubs, tour operators, or as part of a package offered by merchants such as cruise lines and railways. Points will not be earned until charges are posted to your account. Purchases other than your room bill on the hotel premises will not be included in the category unless they classify as a hotel merchant; for example, restaurant or entertainment purchases. In addition, the purchasing of hotel points will not qualify in this category.
  • Amazon and Whole Foods: Finally, cardholders enjoy an impressive 5% back when using their eligible Freedom credit card to make purchases at or Whole Foods. This bonus includes Amazon Fresh, the company’s grocery delivery service, which can save you countless time and headaches. Cardmembers who are in the market for a broad mix of items – from necessities for outdoor entertaining to spring travel essentials – can earn cash back when shopping through, one of the most popular online retailers.

Just to let you know, this offer applies to select Chase Freedom credit cards. The 5% back calendar is available to the following Chase credit cards:

How Does Q2 2024 Compare with Last Year?

Chase always strives to provide enhanced value towards New Year’s resolution-type purchases at the start of the year, but how does this year’s calendar compare with the last? As a reminder, here is the complete 2023 Chase Freedom 5% Cash Back Calendar:

Date 5% Cash Back Category
Q1 January - March 2023 Target, grocery stores (except Walmart) and fitness club/gym memberships
Q2 April - June 2023 Amazon and Lowe’s
Q3 July - September 2023 Gas stations, EV charging and select live entertainment
Q4 October - December 2023 Wholesale clubs, select charities, plus PayPal

Official Terms and Conditions

As with all 5% Cash Back Calendars, Chase offers specific rules and regulations regarding eligible purchases. The biggest caveat is that the 5% cash back applies to the first $1,500 in purchases in the quarter. Once a cardholder spends over $1,500, they will earn 1% cash back on all purchases until Q2 begins in April.

Other official terms and conditions from Chase:

Merchants who accept Visa/Mastercard credit cards are assigned a merchant code, which is determined by the merchant or its processor in accordance with Visa/Mastercard procedures based on the kinds of products and services they primarily sell. We group similar merchant codes into categories for the purposes of making rewards offers to you. Please note: We make every effort to include all relevant merchant codes in our rewards categories. However, even though a merchant or some of the items that it sells may appear to fit within a rewards category, the merchant may not have a merchant code in that category. When this occurs, purchases with that merchant won’t qualify for rewards offers on purchases in that category. Purchases submitted by you, an authorized user, or the merchant through third-party payment accounts, mobile or wireless card readers, online or mobile digital wallets, or similar technology will not qualify in a rewards category if the technology is not set up to process the purchase in that rewards category.

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