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Chase Removing Chase Pay Checkout This Month

Chase has announced that Chase Pay will no longer work at checkout for merchant apps and websites after March. The removal of the mobile wallet feature was mentioned on the bank’s website earlier this week. Here is what you need to know:

Chase Removing Chase Pay from Checkout After March 31, 2021

Chase is continuing the winding down of its Chase Pay program. The card issuer and bank will cease operating its digital wallet payment option on apps and merchant websites at the end of the month (March 31, 2021). Chase Pay’s discontinuation at checkout follows on the heels of the dedicated Chase Pay mobile app being removed from app stores in February of last year.

Chase announced the sunsetting on its website with the following message:

chase pay removed

Chase credit and debit cardholders with existing credits from ordering ahead will need to use those credits before the Pay feature’s closure at the end of March.

Mobile Wallet Use On the Rise

Chase Pay’s removal comes at a time when mobile wallets are enjoying a rise in popularity. The coronavirus pandemic has shifted consumers’ payment habits, with more Americans opting for contactless payments over the traditional swipe-and-sign at stores.

However, despite the rising trend towards contactless payments, Chase Pay never quite caught on, with consumers preferring other mobile wallet services, such as PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Why Use a Mobile Wallet?

Why choose a digital wallet over swiping with a credit card? Since digital wallets store credit cards that can then be accessed to make payments using an app, many people consider a digital wallet to be a safer alternative to carrying a card or cash. Since personal information is encrypted, it is difficult to steal credit card info and other sensitive data.

Apps, such as PayPal, also offer integration with bank rewards programs, such as Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi ThankYou, American Express Membership Rewards, and more. Synching credit card info via PayPal allows users to pay with points at merchants (both in-store and online), instantly saving money and earning rewards.

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